Anti-terror cops guard Lambeth and Wandsworth

The City of London Police has implemented anti-terror cops to guard the areas of Lambeth and Wandsworth in an attempt to combat against terrorism and criminals.

Operation Servator is a project which involves new tactics and cutting edge techniques for police officers in order to combat against terrorist acts and criminal behavior. It also increases the opportunity for the public interacting with the police.

The operation was launched on February 2014, but wasn’t officially implemented until today. The reason why Operation Servator has been implemented is to protect the city of London and to provide reassurance to the general public, while making would-be criminals and terrorists easy to detect by cops.

Posters for the operation will be displayed on shop windows with the slogan “Together, We Got It Covered” in order to explain the public about the operation and their tactics, while police officers may visit businesses and community centres during deployments to inform and reassure staff. Members of the public should report any crime immediately by calling 101 or 999 if an immediate response is required.


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