Celebrating Christmas around the World

We’re all familiar with the way Christmas is normally celebrated in London, or even wider, the UK. However are we aware about how other countries and cultures celebrate Christmas where they are? Each home may be different to another, even my Christmas tradition is different to the next household. However some of these Christmas traditions from around the world will make you rethink if you’re ‘Christmassing’ correctly.

Christmas in Spain

Christmas in Spain is very different to any Christmas that you’re used to. People in Spain have their Christmas meal on Christmas Eve. The traditional dinner in Spain is ‘Pavo Trufado de Navidad’ which is Turkey stuffed with mushroom truffles. However on Christmas day, the traditional dishes for their Christmas dinner are mainly seafood dishes


Christmas in Japan

Now Christmas in Japan is something very interesting, as Christmas isn’t even seen as a holiday in japan properly, so schools and jobs remain open through the holiday. Even though Christmas only became a thing in Japan within the last decade, Japan have a traditional Japanese cake, a plain sponge topped with whipped cream and strawberries, mmm! Christmas dinner in Japan is celebrated with Fried Chicken; places like KFC often take orders for Christmas dinners in Japan. Weird!


Christmas in India

Christmas in India is similar to the regular Christmas that you and I are used to, except they have a little twist. Instead of using a traditional Christmas tree, people would use a mango or a banana tree to sample as a Christmas tree. In the Indian Christmas tradition, Santa Clause delivers presents on a horse and cart rather than a sleigh. Santa Clause is often referred to as ‘Christmas Thaathaa’ in Tamil.


Christmas in Ethiopia

Ethiopian Christmas isn’t celebrated on the ordinary 25th of December like everyone else’s is. Ethiopian Christmas is celebrated on the 7th January called ‘Ganna’. On the day of Ganna most people fast for the day, they also dress in white and attend an early morning mass at 4 am! When they do eat, their traditional Christmas dinner include a dish called Wat (a spicy stew).



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