Boris Johnson in hot water after Hollande comments

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has caused controversy on Tuesday 17th January, when he warned French president Francois Hollande not to hit the UK with World War Two-style punishment beatings for leaving the European Union, following after Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit plans for the country.

While attending a conference in New Delhi, he said “If Monsieur Hollande wants to administer punishment beatings to anybody who chooses to escape, rather in the manner of some World War 2 movie, then I don’t think that that is the way forward and I don’t think it’s in the interests of our friends and partners.”

His comments was heavily scrutinised by critics as “crass”, “abhorrent” and “wild and inappropriate”. A spokeswoman for May said that he was not comparing Hollande to a Nazi.

She said: “He was making a point. He was in no way suggesting that anyone was a Nazi. There is not a Government policy of not mentioning the war.”

This isn’t the first time that Johnson’s comments have gone under hot water, as during the EU referendum campaign, he compared the EU to those of Adolf Hitler.

A senior spokesperson for the Labour Party said, “We are all aware that the Foreign Secretary has a habit of making wild and inappropriate comments. Talking about World War Two in that context is another one of those and that is not going to be something that is going to improve the climate for this negotiation.”

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron criticised Johnson’s comments and said that they were an “utterly crass and clueless remark from the man who is supposed to be our chief diplomat”.

Former Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt sent a tweet saying: “Yet more abhorrent & deeply unhelpful comments from Boris Johnson which PM May should condemn.”

The Brexit negotiations for the UK to leave the EU continue.


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