Activism and its Significance in the New Age

Activism has continuously proven to be an important part of today’s society, across the past few years, activism and protests have been a huge statement of the new age, from the black lives matter protest that took over Heathrow Airport in late 2016. And the Women’s March earlier this month (January 21st) in protest against the latest President, serial misogynist,  Donald Trump.he-will-not-divide-us

There is a great risk that peoples freedom of speech and right to protest is being tarnished, especially with the recent arrest of Shia LaBeouf who was arrested recently at his four year live stream protest to revolt against the presidency of Donald Trump.  He was arrested during the live stream on the 26th of January for allegedly ‘attacking’ a man who made the statement ‘Hitler did nothing wrong’ which offended Shia who is in fact Jewish.

However, the video clip shows LaBeouf shoving the man. Shia was then arrested and the hashtag #FreeShia began trending on twitter shortly after. People were outraged and began to express their rage through twitter:

This incident enforces the need for activism, especially the recent Trump presidency as there has been an uproar on the recent immigrant ban that has been enforced in the USA. Innocent people from ‘selected’ countries trying to return to the US have been held up or banned completely from re-entering the country. Yet people are banding together all over to try and put a stop to this with emergency demonstrations organised including today (30th January 2017) outside Downing Street.


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