‘Stop roasting & toasting them pots’

How do you like your toast in the morning, golden or more on the charred side? Do you like your roasties crispy?

Well According to the Food Standards Agency, roasting, toasting and frying starchy foods such as potatoes and bread could raise the risk of cancer.

It has been warned that acrylamide, a chemical compound that forms in foods such as potato products, root vegetables, olives and pizza bases, when cooked at 120C. But it is said skinny chips and crisps appear to have the highest levels.

To reduce the ‘risk’, the public have been advised to convert to boiling, steaming and microwaving.

Despite it not being proven in humans, it has been researched and tested on animals and has been shown that the chemical is toxic to DNA and causes cancer- scientists assume the same in humans, although there is no concrete evidence.

Also a professor for the public understanding of risk at Cambridge University, said “Adults whose intake is the highest consumption of acrylamide would need to consume it 160 times as much to reach a level that may cause increased tumours in mice. The FSA have no estimate of the current harm caused acrylamide; nor the benefit from any reduction due to people following their advice.”

The Food Standards Agency wants their campaign, ‘Go for Gold’; to raise awareness of the chemical because most people didn’t know it even existed. They also want to spread advice on how to reduce their acrylamide intake.

I took to Twitter to see the public’s opinion and feelings. A Twitter poll I made has sparked mixed reviews.


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