The government call for the most ambitious education rebirth ever since A-level was introduced and funding is set to increase for training of 16-19 years old by 50%.

  • Chancellor Philip Hammond has expressed his thought on the Andrew Marr Show that the UK needs to dwell more in training and up skilled job is to enhance the future of the young people.
  • Technical skills and Education had been neglected for too long says: by the Association of College chief executive David Hughes.
  • This £500m will boost for the raising the quality and status of workplace skills.
  • Hammond told the BBC’s Andrew Marr show, “If your bank increases your credit card  limit I don’t think you will feel obliged to out and spend every last penny of it immediately.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Hammond expressed his thought towards the 2017 Budget by training young people, the £500m will boost the increase the quality and status of workplace skills.

“I regard my job as a chancellor as making sure that the economy is resilient, that we have over “.

The Treasury will also announce in the Budget it is setting aside £500 a year to boost skills training for 16 to 19-years-old

Dubbed T-levels, the Government claims it is the most significant shake up in the 16 education since the introduction of a level 70 years ago.

Under his budget, thousands of qualification will be replaced by 15 “T-Level” Training routes specific to different industries, from finance and accounting to engineering and manufacturing.

A wide-ranging reform of technical education will see the current 13,000 separate qualifications replaced with “15 world-class routes” better suited to business needs.


The investment, from 2019, is also aimed at boosting Britain’s productivity levels and will see the amount of training for 16 to 19-year-olds on technical routes increase by more than 50% to over 900 hours a year.

Some young Lambeth unskilled youths were interviewed about the vocational training is to encourage them to engage on skilled training job.

Mike 21, explained why he could not engage in skilled job training ever since, he said it was due to lack of sponsorship funds. A female 19, withheld name, expressed her profound gratitude the Chancellor towards the new development on vocational training scheme.



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