Government cuts have hit all London councils hard, and youth services have been put on the chopping block across our city as a result.

  • Sadiq Khan, London Mayor, questioned by London Assembly Members on his Final  Budget 2017/18.
  • Cuts made to youth services in London.
  • The London Assembly has an essential role in the cities government, holding the Mayor to account and investigating matters of interest to Londoners.
  • London Assembly examines the Mayor’s progress in key areas.


One of the most significant cuts made was to youth services. Liberal Democrat member, Caroline Pidegon mentioned her visit to youth centres and them being on their last foot or closed down and how her party are not prepared to spend money on these types of services including libraries. However the implications of this can result in young people falling into crime and possibly not using their time wisely. Youth services such as centres and libraries help to keep young people busy, entertained and off the streets.

 London Mayor Sadiq Khan was questioned by London Assembly members on his Final Draft Consolidated Budget. The assembly was formed by Labour, Conservatives, Green Party, UKIP AND Liberal Democrat members, which consisted of 25 members on the panel.

The budget incorporates the spending plans for:

  • The Greater London Authority
  • Metropolitan Police Service
  • Transport for London
  • The London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority
  • The London Legacy Development Corporation
  • The Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation.

The purpose for the meeting is to consider the Final Draft Consolidated Corporation.

Green Party Group member Sian Berry stated that “Government cuts have hit all London councils hard, and youth services have been put on the chopping block across our city as a result.

“Lambeth has lost £1.2 million in funding for services for its young people since 2011, and the impact could be devastating.

“Good quality youth services would help prevent young people from falling into crime and also make them less vulnerable to the exploitation of groups like gangs.

“I am disappointed that the Mayor didn’t take up my budget amendment to invest in youth services – at least another £7.2 million for youth services will be lost across London this year.

“The Mayor should find ways to help councils to save youth centres and the jobs of youth workers. This would genuinely help to improve young people’s lives and achieve his goal of real crime prevention.”


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