Full Length Interview with Poetic Unity: With Ragz-CV, Storm & Ismael

Poetic Unity is a registered charity that encourages the unification, education and personal development of young people through the art of poetry and spoken word.

I spoke with the founder of Poetic Unity, Ragz-CV and two individuals involved with Poetic Unity Storm and Ismael.

Here’s the full Interview:




Here’s a performance by Ragz-CV 


Ismael just released a poetry book by the name ‘The Lost Essays’ that’s available on Amazon and has just finished his first headlining show.

you can find him on Instagram @callmeish

Here’s Ismael’s performance of ‘Dreams’


I had the chance to speak to 21 year old Storm off the mic to find out a bit more about her and her love for poetry and spoken word here’s what she had to say:

Why did you get into poetry?
“I’ve loved writing for as long as I can remember but I decided to actively start writing poetry when I was 16.”

What does Poetry mean to you?                                                                                                      “Poetry means expression, freedom and creativity. No matter where you are physically, poetry can always take you somewhere else vibrationally and emotionally.”

Do you think poetry’s an unappreciated art form?                                                                 “I believe it is becoming more appreciated. The internet has increased its exposure massively which is great. However, I still believe it is underrated because of the stigma it has of being boring and hard to understand. I think the education system has the power to minimise this stigma by keeping up with the times!”

Would you encourage more people to take up poetry and why?                                          “Definitely. Poetry is healthy, it’s the total opposite of bottling things up. There are no rules too, so you can literally write about whatever you want. It’s a creative and interesting way of getting a message across.”

Here’s a performance by Storm entitled ‘Hands’













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