Sadiq Khan helping staff renting privately in London

Sadiq Khan announced that all parts of the City Hall group would offer employees help with renting a flat and urged businesses to follow suit.

The Mayor, Sadiq Khan, knows that we need to build more affordable homes. However, in the short term, he’s doing all to ensure this. Also, he encourages offering help to buy through guarantees or mortgage loans and considers the provision of quality rental accommodation.

To comply with this: pressure the government to prohibit the payment of agents’ fees, loan deposits, so many others now offer their interest loan loans services.

He also started to build new homes in London Living Rent (a new type of affordable rental that is at lower levels than the Market).

Sadiq announced a new criminal database of owners and agents, this new database will be launched on this website in the fall. It will help municipalities to share information about delinquent owners.

Tenants can also use it. Some municipalities such as Camden, Newham, Southwark are participating in the first phase, and other councils are found after its launch.


The decision of Mr. Khan is for the Head of Finance and Governance to give his consent to the LLDC (London Legacy Development Corporation’s) to provide financial assistance, pursuant to section 213, in the form of loans or benefits, whether contractual or non-contractual, but not to exceed 10,000 pounds per year and have to be in line with the HRMC guidelines related to an employer’s tax-free loans.

  • Many businesses have reported that they are trying to retain and attract the best talent.

For this, the Mayor delegated his power to give this consent to GLA’s senior officers, since pursuant to Section 213 of the Localism Act of 2011 requires LLDC to seek the consent of the Mayor to provide financial assistance, including loans, to any person.

There is also a consultation and a positive response to the proposal insofar as it is a change in the “rates and eligibility criteria of the LLDC staff”. However, the director of the campaign says that because of the high cost of housing, it would be a great challenge to attract and retain the people they need.

The Mayor said: “It is unacceptable that so many hard-working Londoners continue to be priced out of their own city – it is bad for Londoners and bad for the future economic success of the capital.

Sadiq Khan’s objective of the proposal is to support the two million plus people who live in London’s private sector rented, being more than a quarter of all Londoners, with private rented housing costs by providing an interest-free loan to cover the deposit.




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