Women Sexual Health, Importance of Testing and Education.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan talks about Women Sexual Health and address issues surrounding it.

Women  sexual health continues to increase in our communities with about 8 out of 10 women having suffered from STIDs.

The Mayor of London statement was “Educating of women and the public will significantly reduce the increase in infections with London having the highest population with STIDS and HIV/AIDS in the UK”.

Primary and secondary schools are being to taught how to practice safe sex, also communities will be setting up more boots to discuss sexual awareness and offer diagnosis. An exhibition of people living with HIV will be launching this will be focused on their daily lives and their advice and opinion. He emphasised on how 87% of 571 of people tested are females the numbers needs to be reduced to ensure healthy living.

Mr. Khan  addressed the raising figures of women with STIDs and the prevention procedures he has set in place to decrease these figures and increases awareness .

An organisation like sexual health wellbing provides sexual services o three 3 London boroughs,delivering support to people living with HIV and those who are at high risk of poor sexual health. Such organisations will be increased to help prevent the increase of sexual health in women.

During the meeting Onkar Shota who represents Ealing and Hillingdon constituency a member of the  Labour Party raised a question concerning sexual health she said: As part of your responsibility for promoting the reduction of health inequalities what representation have you made regarding Londoner’s access to sexual services in areas where clinics have shut down and new online services will not be available until next year?

The Mayor of London reply to the question was Promoting of sexual of Sexual health is being increased. Leaving no community behind through advice, 15 -27 youngsters mainly women are diagnosed with contracting STIDs.

Mandatory sex education in pual health matters and sexual health week that promotes awareness in women.

know stuff

During an interview with Pink News on 2nd December 2016 Mr Khan said there needs to be urgent action on HIV infection rates in London.

A report was published by Public Health England with figures that showed 43% of new infection of HIV was in London.

Working together as a nation will ensure that London and its boroughs will have less cases of women sexual health disease . Impressive work is being done by the HIV prevention campaign to improve sexual health through regular testing.

Educating Londoners by urging them to find out more about their sexual health especially women and getting  tested for HIV and other sexual related illness will hep reduce crisis and treatment can be applied early on.

For the launch of London AIDS Memorial Campaign, Annie Lennox HIV Ambassador on 28 September 2011 made a statement concerning the proposal she said:

“Despite the fact that HIV/AIDS has been around for several decades, one of the biggest challenges is the all-pervasive stigma which still continues to keep the issue shrouded in secrecy, ignorance ,fear and shame, whether you live in Cameroon or Camden.

An AIDS memorial in the heart of London would set a wonderful example to other cities and send out a powerful statement to the world, not only by acknowledging those who have been taken in the pandemic, but would also call attention to the fact that HIV/AIDS  has not gone away, and is still devastating millions of people lives”.






A practitioner at St George’s University Hospital gave an insight to challenges that await women with Sexual Health.

As changes occurs so is the risk of contracting sexual health diseases hence the need of education to help minimize the increase of STIDs, awareness is what will help with this reduction with this the society can be more health.


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