Lambeth! Can We Win Crown For Borough Of Culture 2019/2020 Award

“Radical Hearts. Open Minds – London Borough of Culture Bid”

Lambeth Borough has put forward their bid for the opportunity to claim the crown for the Mayors Culture borough prize in 2019/2020. With the amazing prize of £1.1 million, this would give Lambeth a great boost in enabling the borough to invest into its cultural growth by hosting and promoting a wider range of cultural events with support of over 200 grassroots cultural organisations.

Lambeth needs to win this award in order to:

  • “engage, inspire and grow our diverse community”
  • “address the problems of inequality and disadvantage we face”
  • “build social cohesion and wellbeing amongst our people”
  • “build on our many networks to share culture around the borough
  • “encourage and promote our inherent local culture and creative talent”
  • Enable our culture to reach from the street to the international stage”
  • “prove fresh ideas that can be relevant across the capital”
  • “embed culture at the centre of the borough’s plans for the future”

What most people who lives and visit the borough loves most is the dynamism, innovation. Brixton gives Lambeth the most cultural aspect of the borough with its vibrancy,  as it consist of the most alluring places for people around the world such as the listed Town Hall, Brixton Library, Ritzy, Brixton Academy, Windrush Square/ Black Cultural Archive and the new war memorial for black soldiers. Some famous names has reside here such a David Bowie, Sharon Asbourne, the activist Olive Morris.

Winning of the bid would help to enhance the other places of interest such as Vauxhall’s garden museum, gallery. Stockwell once home to painter Van Gogh and the most famous skate park. Clapham’s education links of Clapham College, Mary Seacole Library. Streatham has great diverse mix of people along its high street, Somali, Italian, African/Carribean, Indian, Lebanese, Spanish, Japanese and Vietnamese and the art and culture venue the Hideaway. West Norwood & Tulse Hill house the Portico gallery and theatre.

Supporting and nurturing children & young people to develop cultural infrastructure through rich and complex stories of the borough.

Training new cultural leaders and increasing our communities, confidence and pride of their borough by connecting less active parts of the borough with the more active ones, which would see a legacy embedded for the future of the borough continue past 2019/2020.

Winning the bid would see a delivery plan which would outline programmes of activities that will be authentic and embracing, inclusiveness equality with economic growth that would also push to the forefront education, social isolation, which would in term help area below 10% to increase enjoyment especially on deprived estates.


Cllr Sonia Winifred – Cabinet Member for Equalities & Culture

Should Lambeth wins £1 million prize for London Borough of

Culture award 2019/2020 offered by Sadiq Khan the Mayor of London,

and become one of the two winning boroughs and lift the crown.

This would be a great asset to ensure that the borough continues to be

recognised for it unique culture & creativity for its community.













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