The 5 best footballers discovered in 2017

This 2017 has ended and football has delighted us with fantastic players who have stood out and nobody expected it.

Football is a sport that has us in exchange for sudden changes. Football players that nobody knows can become idols of their teams and great revelations.

In this way we have cases like those of Jamie Vardy, Aubameyang a few years ago.
This year AS Monaco FC was qualified to the Champions League with a relatively uncompetitive team and would not aspire too much in the competition.

However, football had another history for us. The team surprised us with a combined line up of promising young players and veteran players, to highlight Falcao in the lead accompanied by a young man named Mbappe.

Kylian Mbappe did a fantastic season with his team which led to the semi-finals of the Champions League and winning the Ligue 1, for what he called the attention of the PSG which made a millionaire investment to get their services.


If a TOP 5 of the best revelations of 2017 were made, it would undoubtedly be headed by said player. However, there have been other outstanding players.

Players like Harry Kane, which ended the year as top scorer in a year over Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. On the other hand we have Kevin De Bruyne and Mohamed Salah, who changed clubs looking for more opportunities and have stood out above the others in their respective clubs.

Finally, highlight the year of Philippe Coutinho who in previous years has gone from club to club looking for a chance of more minutes which he found in Liverpool becoming the star of the team and calling the attention of FC Barcelona who had just hired him turning in the second most expensive signing in the history of football with £142 million.

There is no doubt that this year this sport has given us great lessons of how from one day to the next you can go from anonymity to being the idol of thousands of people. Let’s see what will happen in this New Year.


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