Brixton Chocolate Museum Experience

The Chocolate Museum in Ferndale Road, Brixton, SW9 was established in March 2013 by French Artisan Chocolatier Isabelle Alaya.

Isabelle said the “Chocolate Museum is to represent chocolate industries in the Uk”

The chocolates are usually produced by independent bean to bar makers which have a combination that origins chocolate bars along with flavours of melange chocolate that comes from fruits, spices and herbs blended together.

Chocolate Museum provides:

  • Drop-in
  • Workshops
  • Great collection of historic memorabilia on chocolate
  • Cocoa & Slavery – The realities of how slavery involved in the production of chocolate
  • School workshops

Some of the workshops set for April (see website for other dates) 

  • Wednesday 4th April – 11-12 – Family Easter Truffle Making
  • Thursday 5th April 11-12.30  – Family Easter Egg Making
  • Friday 6th April – 11-12.30 –  Family Easter Egg Making


download egg


World theatre day and Britain drifting from the theatrical world

World theatre day  was  first initiated in 1961 by the International theatre institute (ITI) it is now celebrated annually on the 27th March by ITI centres and the international theatre community.

Numerous national and international theater events are organised for this occasion as a way of celebrating it.

For the celebrations there is a circulation of the World Theater day message through which at the invitation of ITI, a figure of world stature shares their reflections on theme Theater and Culture peace.

The celebration is meant for people who appreciate the value and importance of art in the “theatre world”.

Lambeth College course leader for performing arts Mr Hurts answered some questions we had about world theatre celebrations and whether it affects us in any ways ; he said  “He said I don’t think it affects our theatre world that London hasn’t participated in world theatre day because in London every day is a world theatre day.

In 2011 the ITI centre in UK was shut down having ost all its most of its influence at under its last, Neville Shulman after he failed to be re-elected as the institute governing body.

Since the shutdown of UK’s centre Britain has not participated in the celebration that brings together such rich culture, the absence of UK theatre from such international establishments as ITI is to show how out of touch Britain has become with the theatre world.

Britain corporations and individuals use to be a major influent in the international organisations but now we rarely participate with the major European theatre networks.

World theatre day celebration also serves as a wakeup call for government, politicians and influential people in our society who are set to recognise the importance of the theatrical world potential in economic progress.

Brett Bailey a stage director South Africa statement in 2014 World theatre day was “we gather to weep and remember, to laugh and contemplate; to learn and to affirm and to imagine”.

This day’s festivities will continue to be celebrated by international bodies that have common goals to enrich the theatre culture.

Though UK is not a part of the celebration we still love theatre and will continue to pursue its culture.



Anthony Joshua preparing for boxing match

Anthony Joshua has declared that he is preparing for his boxing match against Joseph Parker and will be aiming to defend his IBF, WBA and WBO heavyweight belts which he won.

Joseph Parker is also preparing for the fight while Anthony Joshua backs himself very confidently to beat Parker and to successfully defend his title.

Joshua has confirmed that it is his fear of losing that continues to spur him on to win and says that it will be important in the fight against Parker.

He also mentioned that he comes into training well conditioned in order so he’s able to concentrate on boxing with his trainer Rob McCraken.

The last time he stepped into the boxing ring for a fight was against Carlos Takem in Cardiff last October following the big fight against Vladimir Klitschko in April which got him the IBO and WBA belts.

Parker declared that he was going to win the game on this week and take the belt of Anthony Joshua although he admitted that it will be difficult.

There will be a number of people at the boxing match with a lot of people with the allocation expected to be 50-50 as well as there being a good atmosphere.

A face off was performed on Saturday between the two boxers at the press conferences and attracted a lot attention with many photos being taken by photographers and coverage being shown on television.

Ireland to expel Russian diplomat

While Ireland is not among the 14 EU states that decided to expel 32 Russian diplomats, the Government has announced that they will be expelling one Russian diplomat.

Yesterday both the EU and US announced that they would expel 80 Russian diplomats from both jurisdictions, 12 Russian officials will  be deported from the United Nations headquarters in New York.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Simon Conevey has said that: “the individual in question is required to leave the jurisdiction.”

Conevey claims that the decision was made following an assessment carried out by security services and relevant government departments. Which was carried out following the poisoning of former Russian agent, from Salisbury, Sergei Skripal, and his daughter Yulia.

Simon Conevey has made it clear that “the use of chemical weapons, including the use of any toxic chemicals, by anyone, anywhere, is particularly shocking and abhorrent.”

The British government has placed the blame heavily on Russia and their leader leader Vladimir Putin for the incident.

Dozens of countries including France, Italy, Germany and the US have expelled Russian diplomats in accord with the UK.

At a European Council meeting held last week, EU leaders agreed that the UK government’s assessment proves that it was highly likely that Russia was involved in that attack, and Micheal Conevey claims that there is ‘no plausible alternative explanation’.


Mayor launches ‘culture seeds’ scheme to bring bright ideas to life

The Mayor of London, Sadiq khan, has launched a new culture strategy providing financial grants between £1,000 to £5,000 for small companies, organisations and creative individuals to fund their ideas and make them a reality.

This strategy is called cultural seeds and aims to preserve London’s culture as well as enabling people to explore their creativity and community.

The Mayor’s culture strategy lays out a vision in which London is enriched with culture and excitement. He launched the culture seeds scheme at the Battersea Arts Centre, a public place in which people come together to express their creativity.

Culture seeds is a $1 million micro-grant program set to support new businesses and organisations that work locally within their communities and might not have the financial resources they need, the end goal is for Londoners to feel a strong sense of identity and cultural understanding.

Successful applicants will become part of the culture seeds network as well as receiving up to £5,000 to help further their creativity and ideas.

The Mayor is “calling on all Londoners” to let them know “how a small grant could make a big difference in your neighbourhood. From kick-starting a new arts festival, to funding a pop-up cinema screening in your local park – the possibilities are endless.” For more information visit 

The Mayor of London has said he has “invested more in culture than any other mayor” because he believes “in its trans-formative power”, he also believes that this new scheme will create tight knit communities and allow “all young people in the city to feel they can pursue careers in the creative game”.

Creative and cultural industries add 47 billion to London’s economy every year and account for one in six jobs, it also so it’s no wonder that London is on its way to becoming the world’s capital for culture.

Deputy Mayor for Culture and Creative Industries, Justine Simons OBE, said “Culture Seeds is the perfect project to demonstrate what the Mayor’s draft Culture Strategy is all about – using the power of culture to make a real difference in communities across the capital. Small grants can make big things happen and we want everyone to have great culture on their doorstep”.

A summer campaign in the capital is also one of the plans set out in the Mayor’s new culture strategy,  “sounds like London” aims to put a spotlight on new talent and young women in the music industry, as part of a campaign which will take place during June 2018 there will be shows all around London supporting independent music venues, there are many partners involved including Air bnb and BBC music.



Project 84: Action on male suicide

84 sculptures have been put on top of both the This Morning studios and ITV’s headquarters buildings to represent the men who take their lives every week.

The charity CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) want to raise awareness of the fact that 84 men take their own lives every week.


Every week 84 men in the UK takes their own life, leaving behind grieving families and friends.

The sculptures are part of a campaign by CALM to start a conversation about male suicide and help promote suicide prevention and bereavement support.

It is difficult to walk the pass 84  sculptures standing on the top of the This Morning studios and ITV’s headquarters on London’s South Bank without noticing.

Each sculpture is of a man who took their own life their family and friend worked with American artist, Mark Jenkins, and his collaborator Sandra Fernandez to create each figure.

They are all of of different races and ages, despite this they all have something in common that they tried to keep their struggles from those who close to them.


This Project is also accompanied by the signing of a petition called make suicide prevention and support a government minister’s responsibility.

The petition started by Mathew Smith, who lost his brother to suicide, has more than 118,800 signatures.

CALM’s Chief Executive Simon Gunning said: “Project 84 is all about making the scale of the situation very clear to everyone who seen the sculptures and we hope that by working with the families and friends of real men who have taken their lives, we can face the enormous issue of suicide together and strive for change.”


Three men convicted for brutal murder of young father in broad day light

In March three men were convicted for fatally stabbing a young 27 year old father, Nashon Esbrand, from Islington, after he dropped off his girlfriend and child. 

On the 24th August 2017 while Nashon was dropping off his girlfriend and child at their home after visiting his parents in Islington, he then made his way back to his parents’ house to pick up his car.

On his way back he encountered two men, one of whom was identified as Dillon Zambon, the Police have reason to believe one of them was part of a group that had been continuously threatening Nashon.

Nashon was seen being chased by a larger group of boys through Essex Road into Mitchison, he was cornered on the steps of a building and stabbed, the Police were called at 18:50 by a member of the public saying that there had been a stabbing.

Officers who had  been looking for him responded to the call and arrived at the scene of the crime. An ambulance arrived where he was taken to a hospital in East London but sadly they were unable to save him and he passed away at 2:30 am (25th August).

Detectives from the Met immediately began an investigation and after reviewing CCTV footage and speaking to key witnesses they managed to identify 3 suspects all of whom were arrested and charged with the murder of Nashon.

The men charged with Nashon’s murder were Jhon Berhane, Dillon Zambon and a unidentified 16 year old, on the 7th of March they were trialled and on the 26th they were convicted before being sentenced.


Australian Cricketer banned

Australia’s Captain Steve Smith was caught cheating by tampering with the ball and seen placing a yellow object down his trousers.

The Australian Cricketers were already widely disliked by neutrals in the sport before this latest cricketing scandal came about and had little love for them.

People were not to sure whether or not the Australian Captain felt sorry for what he had done and if he wanted to be forgiven.

Australia’s Coach Darren Lehmann is also expected to face criticism because of his role as the team coach as he might have known they were going to cheat.

The act of cheating came during the cricket match between Australia and South Africa (a team regarded as one of the best in the world).

What is surprising is the fact that the Australians were caught cheating in a vital moment of the game and most of the crowd and fans watching on television were just as surprised.

The cricketer also has the threat of being sacked of  captaincy due to the cheating and it is likely to ruin him for the rest of his career in the sport.


Police granted more money to continue Madeleine McCann search

Madeleine McCann went missing in May 2007, now almost 11 years later police have been granted more money to continue their ongoing investigation into her disappearance.

Parents Kate and Gerry McCann, appealed for the search to continue for their daughter who was just 3 when she vanished from their holiday apartment in  Praia da Luz, Portugal.

Government funding of £154,000 has been granted from October 2017 until the end of March this year for the search.

The Met’s application for a Special Grant funding for Operation Grange will be granted, following former Prime Minster David Cameron’s request to “bring their expertise” to the request made by the McCann family.

In 2013 four people were made identified suspects, but after being interviewed by Portuguese Officers and the Met Police, no further action was taken.

Following the 10th anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance, in May 2017 Police said 40,000 documents had been reviewed and more than 600 individuals investigated.

Madeleine’s parents have vowed never to give up trying to find their daughter.



£200,00 Culture Bid prize To fund Job project for young people

Lambeth may not have won the star prize in the Culture Bids for 2019 and 2020, that was won by Waltham Forest and Brent.

However, Lambeth did win a massive £200,000 funding pot from the Cultural Impact Awards, which will go towards young people and people underrepresented within their cultural scope.

The project listed to benefit from the prize money:

  • Eric Careers Festival – A new career fair for young people to showcase there talents on stages and given advice by creative companies on how to fulfil there potential of finding that dream career.
  • South Bank Centre, British Film Institute, National Theatre and Contemporary Dance Company Rambert – For component for Primary Schools to focus on locations, buildings, learning tools and new borough cultural trail.
  • The Old Vic Theatre – Providing 30 paid work placements that must includes people not in training, education or in employment.
  • South Bank Centre – Will support girls between ages 16-18 to make changes in there own communities within five locations through the Wow Girls Project.
  • Develop a new ‘lab’ for BAME (Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic) – helping to improve digital skills, commercial skills, creative skills making contacts from industries, and a Media Talent Lab.
  • Cultural leaders of the future – People from cultural workplaces that are too under represented to become the cultural leaders in the future, that will be more diverse and representative of the local communities.

Florence Eshalomi, London Assembly Member for Lambeth and Southwark, has said, “Although Lambeth missed out on the winning spots, it has been great to see Lambeth’s Next Generation Project receive a Cultural Impact Award as recognition for all of their hard work and enthusiasm they have put into the bid, and receive a pot of funding to go towards a bespoke local project.”

This is followed up by Leader of the Council Lib Peck stating that: “while Lambeth isn’t the official Borough of Culture, we will continue to work together with all our cultural organisations, big and small, to be a beacon of cultural brilliance and aspire to deliver as many parts of our bid as possible.”