13 reasons why to have trigger warning before each episode of season 2

Following the renewal of 13 reasons why season 2 there has been an introduction of a warning video that will be shown at the beginning of the show and throughout the show’s duration as to reduce the dangers that parents and experts commented on.

13 reasons why is a flagship mystery teen drama that had it last episode premiered on 31st March 2017 received both positive and negative reviews from its audience.

Season 1 has 13 episodes that are centered on a high school student and his friend who committed suicide after suffering disheartening situations brought on my selected persons at her school.

The show resulted in a lot of controversy as a lot of parents and Mental Health specialists commented on the show’s contents with concerns that it is dangerous for young people in similar circumstances as it glorifies suicide.

Some viewers were unhappy about the show getting a second season.

Educator and Parent of a 9 year old written by Common S.May 3, 2017

All about ratings and not about our youths future

This is another example of how the entertainment industry will go to any length to get ratings, they are not concerned about the well being of our young people. Teen suicide is a huge problem and this type of show feeds off of the problem. The producers, actors and the networks should be.






Mental health specialists are yet to comment on whether the new videos and websites to address sensitive topics are enough to subdue the show’s potential dangers.






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