Lambeth Labour Launches Manifesto For 2018 Local Elections.

Lambeth Labour has put forward 6 main points to launch their manifesto of the local elections on 3rd May 2018.

Lambeth Labour are hoping that there manifesto will help them to continue to run the London Borough of Lambeth after the elections with a full majority of seats across the borough.

How will this manifesto encourage people to vote for the Lambeth Labour Councillors. Will the people of Lambeth be impressed by this manifesto about what matters in keeping Lambeth as one of the most vibrant borough with a great diversity of communities that speaks hundreds of different languages.

Can Lambeth Labour Manifesto along with the Sadiq Khan Mayor of London stem the affects of cuts from Central Government to their budget that began in 2010.

Lambeth Labour has to look to reclaim the loss of £250 million that has seen a cut of £220 funding cut per resident in Lambeth, yet wealthier borough has only seen a loss of £40 per resident.

Lets look at some feedback from one of the main points from their manifesto:

  • A Lambeth where young people thrive: Campaigning to ring fence budget funding for violence against women & girls services.
  • Continuing to support the Beth Centre in helping to reduce re-offending amongst women.
  • Fighting against racist, harassment, hate crimes, etc across the borough.
  • Tackling anti-social behaviour and working with businesses/residents to get the right balance on night life, while also protecting long standing venues across Lambeth.
  • Using the Leap Project to tackle inequalities in health & achievement.
  • Lobbying for increase in school funding.
  • Working to improve access & quality to mental health support.
  • Providing more for young people with support through adventure playgrounds and youth clubs and supporting youth projects with rent free premises.
  • Also making sure Lambeth will benefit from the £45 million Young London Funding’s.
  • Ensuring leisure & sports facilities are cheap and improving cultural/arts access.
  • Within the next four years gearing towards having over a thousand apprenticeship opportunities, with 240 by 2022.
Six main points of Lambeth Labour Manifesto

Go to the link below to view the remaining manifesto

Click to access LambethLabour_manifesto2018.pdf

  • A safer Lambeth:
  • Tackling Lambeth’s Housing crisis: 
  • A cleaner and greener Lambeth:
  • A more equal Lambeth:
  • A healthier Lambeth:

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