£200,00 Culture Bid prize To fund Job project for young people

Lambeth may not have won the star prize in the Culture Bids for 2019 and 2020, that was won by Waltham Forest and Brent.

However, Lambeth did win a massive £200,000 funding pot from the Cultural Impact Awards, which will go towards young people and people underrepresented within their cultural scope.

The project listed to benefit from the prize money:

  • Eric Careers Festival – A new career fair for young people to showcase there talents on stages and given advice by creative companies on how to fulfil there potential of finding that dream career.
  • South Bank Centre, British Film Institute, National Theatre and Contemporary Dance Company Rambert – For component for Primary Schools to focus on locations, buildings, learning tools and new borough cultural trail.
  • The Old Vic Theatre – Providing 30 paid work placements that must includes people not in training, education or in employment.
  • South Bank Centre – Will support girls between ages 16-18 to make changes in there own communities within five locations through the Wow Girls Project.
  • Develop a new ‘lab’ for BAME (Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic) – helping to improve digital skills, commercial skills, creative skills making contacts from industries, and a Media Talent Lab.
  • Cultural leaders of the future – People from cultural workplaces that are too under represented to become the cultural leaders in the future, that will be more diverse and representative of the local communities.

Florence Eshalomi, London Assembly Member for Lambeth and Southwark, has said, “Although Lambeth missed out on the winning spots, it has been great to see Lambeth’s Next Generation Project receive a Cultural Impact Award as recognition for all of their hard work and enthusiasm they have put into the bid, and receive a pot of funding to go towards a bespoke local project.”

This is followed up by Leader of the Council Lib Peck stating that: “while Lambeth isn’t the official Borough of Culture, we will continue to work together with all our cultural organisations, big and small, to be a beacon of cultural brilliance and aspire to deliver as many parts of our bid as possible.”


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