Australian Cricketer banned

Australia’s Captain Steve Smith was caught cheating by tampering with the ball and seen placing a yellow object down his trousers.

The Australian Cricketers were already widely disliked by neutrals in the sport before this latest cricketing scandal came about and had little love for them.

People were not to sure whether or not the Australian Captain felt sorry for what he had done and if he wanted to be forgiven.

Australia’s Coach Darren Lehmann is also expected to face criticism because of his role as the team coach as he might have known they were going to cheat.

The act of cheating came during the cricket match between Australia and South Africa (a team regarded as one of the best in the world).

What is surprising is the fact that the Australians were caught cheating in a vital moment of the game and most of the crowd and fans watching on television were just as surprised.

The cricketer also has the threat of being sacked of  captaincy due to the cheating and it is likely to ruin him for the rest of his career in the sport.



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