Autistic college student learns to communicate through music

Michael Fuller a college student with Autism connection to music.

Fuller has high enhanced autism and now communicates through music, creating his own tunes, from the hum of clock ticking to train tracks sounds to the bustling of the high street theses sounds feel more ordinary than any other social communication.

This attraction to melodies has been a part of him to as long he can recall.

From the age of 11, Michael could listen to pieces by Mozart and Beethoven and then replicate it into his own pieces. He taught himself the art of playing piano through goggle and YouTube tutorials.

Michael describes his talent as “downloading music into his head”.

“I allow music the music to take over there’s no planning”, he explains.

The intellect surrounding oneself with music as a musician is not uncommon but Michael says the degree at which he does it is part of what sets him apart from his peers, as the melodies he creates have there own definition and tell a different story.

Michael was discovered by his music tutor Emma Taylor when she heard him singing to himself in the school corridor, she then decided to help nurture his talent and teach him music.

Looking to the future Michael says “I want to go mainstream in my own right and I don’t mean just singing in Opera I can write, compose and sing people might be surprised but I am quite ambitious”.

Currently, Michael is studying a BTEC diploma course in Performing Arts at Richmond College in Twickenham though the course comes with difficulties his desire for music keeps on triumphing.

Michael’s biggest fan his mum says “there were a lot of negativity when he was growing up with Autism and a bit of bullying. Teachers did not understand him, seeing him do so well now when I hear him sing its just greatness and I feel proud of him.”

Though Autism is a life-long disability times has changed now individual with Autism are able to advance within the society with a lot of positive potential.



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