World theatre day and Britain drifting from the theatrical world

World theatre day  was  first initiated in 1961 by the International theatre institute (ITI) it is now celebrated annually on the 27th March by ITI centres and the international theatre community.

Numerous national and international theater events are organised for this occasion as a way of celebrating it.

For the celebrations there is a circulation of the World Theater day message through which at the invitation of ITI, a figure of world stature shares their reflections on theme Theater and Culture peace.

The celebration is meant for people who appreciate the value and importance of art in the “theatre world”.

Lambeth College course leader for performing arts Mr Hurts answered some questions we had about world theatre celebrations and whether it affects us in any ways ; he said  “He said I don’t think it affects our theatre world that London hasn’t participated in world theatre day because in London every day is a world theatre day.

In 2011 the ITI centre in UK was shut down having ost all its most of its influence at under its last, Neville Shulman after he failed to be re-elected as the institute governing body.

Since the shutdown of UK’s centre Britain has not participated in the celebration that brings together such rich culture, the absence of UK theatre from such international establishments as ITI is to show how out of touch Britain has become with the theatre world.

Britain corporations and individuals use to be a major influent in the international organisations but now we rarely participate with the major European theatre networks.

World theatre day celebration also serves as a wakeup call for government, politicians and influential people in our society who are set to recognise the importance of the theatrical world potential in economic progress.

Brett Bailey a stage director South Africa statement in 2014 World theatre day was “we gather to weep and remember, to laugh and contemplate; to learn and to affirm and to imagine”.

This day’s festivities will continue to be celebrated by international bodies that have common goals to enrich the theatre culture.

Though UK is not a part of the celebration we still love theatre and will continue to pursue its culture.




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