Autistic college student learns to communicate through music

Michael Fuller a college student with Autism connection to music.

Fuller has high enhanced autism and now communicates through music, creating his own tunes, from the hum of clock ticking to train tracks sounds to the bustling of the high street theses sounds feel more ordinary than any other social communication.

This attraction to melodies has been a part of him to as long he can recall.

From the age of 11, Michael could listen to pieces by Mozart and Beethoven and then replicate it into his own pieces. He taught himself the art of playing piano through goggle and YouTube tutorials.

Michael describes his talent as “downloading music into his head”.

“I allow music the music to take over there’s no planning”, he explains.

The intellect surrounding oneself with music as a musician is not uncommon but Michael says the degree at which he does it is part of what sets him apart from his peers, as the melodies he creates have there own definition and tell a different story.

Michael was discovered by his music tutor Emma Taylor when she heard him singing to himself in the school corridor, she then decided to help nurture his talent and teach him music.

Looking to the future Michael says “I want to go mainstream in my own right and I don’t mean just singing in Opera I can write, compose and sing people might be surprised but I am quite ambitious”.

Currently, Michael is studying a BTEC diploma course in Performing Arts at Richmond College in Twickenham though the course comes with difficulties his desire for music keeps on triumphing.

Michael’s biggest fan his mum says “there were a lot of negativity when he was growing up with Autism and a bit of bullying. Teachers did not understand him, seeing him do so well now when I hear him sing its just greatness and I feel proud of him.”

Though Autism is a life-long disability times has changed now individual with Autism are able to advance within the society with a lot of positive potential.


Mayor begins the creation of water fountains to tackle the burden of plastic bottle waste

As part of the new #OneLess campaign, the Mayor has announced the construction of a water fountain in Carnaby Street with 3 more to come this following summer. 

Mr. Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, has begun his contribution to the #OneLess campaign by installing a new water fountain in Carnaby Street, one of London’s busiest shopping streets.

In addition to this, the Mayor has also announced that 3 more water fountains will be built following the summer with two built in Liverpool Street Station and one in Flat Iron Square in Bankside.

This is part of a campaign by the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) to lower the amount of single use plastic bottles in London, in a press release Sadiq said “to get a grip on needless plastic waste we need to provide simple ways of refilling and accessing free water, and water fountains are the much-needed solution.”

The Mayor has furthermore created a pot to secure sites for another 16 water fountains through land and site owners bidding for funds from the pot, the pot contains up to £75,000 of which the Mayor contributed £50,000 and water fountain specialists MIW donating £25,000.

The bid will be assessed by the ZSL and they will consider applications for the bid from busy shopping streets; business districts, public attractions and anywhere with a high amount of public footfall. While assessing bids they will take into account accessibility, visibility and access to water.

The plastic bottle waste problem in London is very severe; the average adult in London buys 175 bottles a year, resulting in significant waste and damage to the ocean habitats of the world. On one day alone last year 2,500 plastic bottles were collected from the banks of the Thames.

Plastic waste is a threat to life underwater as animals mistake it for food which causes starvation or suffocation, or they can get entangled, not to mention that plastic can remain in the Ocean for hundreds or thousands of years.


Russia has been left isolated by the west

More than 100 Russian diplomats have been ejected from the UK and United States and 22 nations (as pictured above).

The US has announced the expulsion of 60 Russians, including 12 intelligence officers from Russia’s mission to UN headquarters in New York (pictured alongside Russia’s French, Polish and German embassies).

The Kremlin reacted threatening to ‘respond to every country’.

Russia’s ambassador to the US said the move had ‘ruined what is left of Russian-US ties,’ threatening Washington by saying they will bear responsibility for the consequences.

Canada and Malta followed suit by expelling three Kremlin staffers and in a flurry of Action yesterday evening, both Hungary and Norway announced the expulsion of one Diplomat respectively, soon after Spain announced the expulsion of two.

Australia also stood in solidarity with the UK ,expelling two Russian diplomats this morning. This decision reflects the shocking nature of the attack in the UK the first offensive use of chemical weapons in Europe since the Second World War, involving a highly lethal substance in a populated area, endangering countless other members of the community.

The former Russian intelligence officer, who came to Britain in 2010 as part of a spy swap, regretted being a double agent and wanted to visit his family, his friend Vladimir Timoshkov told the BBC.

Mr Skripal and his daughter Yulia remain in a critical condition after they were poisoned with the highly lethal nerve agent Novichok in Salisbury on March 4.

Moscow has stepped up its campaign to discredit Theresa May’s assertion that it is ‘highly likely’ Russia was responsible for the attack.

The diplomatic crisis has plunged relations between Russia and the UK into the deep freeze and could trigger further action by European Union members in support of the Prime Minister’s Teresa May .

Relations between Ukraine and Russia are extremely tense after Moscow annexed Crimea and sparked a civil war in Ukraine which is still raging.







British children being forced into modern slavery in UK


More than 5,145 British children are being forced into modern slavery in the UK.

The number of children increase in child referrals was partly because of the growth of a drug supply route, known as “country lines”.

National Crime Agency (NCA) show the number of potential victims of slavery has increase by 35% to 5,145 from 2016, NCA believes that it will rise again.

The largest group were British citizens, followed by UK children accounted for 819 referrals, Albanian (777) and Vietnamese (739) nationals., (more than double the 326 referred in 2016).

This is where city-based gangs use young people to move drugs like heroin and crack cocaine to rural and coastal areas.

“They are enticed by wealth but quickly coerced by violence” said the NCA’s Deputy Director, Tom Dowdall.

Apart from sexual exploitation, children can be trafficked in many ways.

They are employed in illegal activities, such as:

  • Working on cannabis farms and in street crime.
  • They are used as accessories in benefit fraud — brought into the country and given false names, or simply exploited economically by their own families.

More then 2118 children 2,118 were referred for help, compared with 1,278 the previous year.

Wanted for drug offences

Images of three men have been released to the public in relation to drug offences.

Emile Dover 29, Andre Williams 29 and Shawn Shaw 37 are wanted in connection of a controlled drug supply in Brixton.

So far 19 people have been arrested and charged with drug offences, as police officers have been targeting street dealing in the area of Brixton.

If anyone sees or know the whereabouts of these 3 men you can contact the Problem Solving Team in Brixton on 020 8649 2062. Alternatively, call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Lambeth Labour Launches Manifesto For 2018 Local Elections.

Lambeth Labour has put forward 6 main points to launch their manifesto of the local elections on 3rd May 2018.

Lambeth Labour are hoping that there manifesto will help them to continue to run the London Borough of Lambeth after the elections with a full majority of seats across the borough.

How will this manifesto encourage people to vote for the Lambeth Labour Councillors. Will the people of Lambeth be impressed by this manifesto about what matters in keeping Lambeth as one of the most vibrant borough with a great diversity of communities that speaks hundreds of different languages.

Can Lambeth Labour Manifesto along with the Sadiq Khan Mayor of London stem the affects of cuts from Central Government to their budget that began in 2010.

Lambeth Labour has to look to reclaim the loss of £250 million that has seen a cut of £220 funding cut per resident in Lambeth, yet wealthier borough has only seen a loss of £40 per resident.

Lets look at some feedback from one of the main points from their manifesto:

  • A Lambeth where young people thrive: Campaigning to ring fence budget funding for violence against women & girls services.
  • Continuing to support the Beth Centre in helping to reduce re-offending amongst women.
  • Fighting against racist, harassment, hate crimes, etc across the borough.
  • Tackling anti-social behaviour and working with businesses/residents to get the right balance on night life, while also protecting long standing venues across Lambeth.
  • Using the Leap Project to tackle inequalities in health & achievement.
  • Lobbying for increase in school funding.
  • Working to improve access & quality to mental health support.
  • Providing more for young people with support through adventure playgrounds and youth clubs and supporting youth projects with rent free premises.
  • Also making sure Lambeth will benefit from the £45 million Young London Funding’s.
  • Ensuring leisure & sports facilities are cheap and improving cultural/arts access.
  • Within the next four years gearing towards having over a thousand apprenticeship opportunities, with 240 by 2022.
Six main points of Lambeth Labour Manifesto

Go to the link below to view the remaining manifesto

Click to access LambethLabour_manifesto2018.pdf

  • A safer Lambeth:
  • Tackling Lambeth’s Housing crisis: 
  • A cleaner and greener Lambeth:
  • A more equal Lambeth:
  • A healthier Lambeth:

England defeat the Netherlands 1–0

England faced the Netherlands last week Friday away from home in Amsterdam at the Johan Cruyff Arena and won the game 1–0 with a goal through Jesse Lingard.

This game which was played was widely seen as a warm up for this summer’s FIFA World Cup in Russia for which England are going to take part in and which the Netherlands failed to qualify for.

Lingard’s goal came from the edge of the box after a pass from Manchester United and England teammate Marcus Rashford.

England played well without being spectacular although the Netherlands’s performance was poor.

The England manager Gareth Southgate was optimistic after the win against the Dutch and credited England’s performance.

Jordan Pickford played his second goal for England on Friday night and kept his second consecutive clean sheet to add to the one which he kept against the World Cup winners Germany.

However, Jack Butland who is Pickford’s goalkeeping rival for the England no.1 position will start the midweek friendly against Italy (who like the Netherlands failed to qualify for this summer’s tournament).

This was Ronald Koeman’s first game as Holland manager and wasn’t a good start because of the loss and the team playing poorly, it will be a tough job for him due to the lack of quality players which the Netherlands have.

England has one more match during this international break against the Italians before club football resumes whilst Holland has to play Portugal away in Lisbon.

Virgil Van Dijk has been confirmed as Holland’s new captain by new manager Ronald Koeman and captained the team against England at the Johan Cruyff Arena.

It is expected that England will play with most of the same team which stated the Holland game on Friday with a few exceptions such as Jordan Pickford as noted earlier.

Lastly, the FIFA World Rankings and the ELO Ratings will both have an impact following Friday’s game and it could potentially boost England’s position and put Holland’s place in danger of dropping to a lower position.


800,000 Crowd March For Our lives in Washington D.C.

Survivors of the deadly shooting rampage at a Parkland, Florida High School led hundreds of thousands of people on Saturday’s #March for Our Lives protest events across the country, delivering a resounding message that Washington’s inaction on the scourge of gun violence is no longer acceptable.

People took to the street across the US during the weekend in support of gun control legislation.

Celebrities who showed their support included Kanye West, Kim Kardashian ,George Clooney and his wife Amal Clooney alongside many other celebrities.

In New York, Former Beatle Paul McCartney told CNN  he marched because his friend and bandmate John Lennon was lost to gun violence in 1980 not far from where the crowd had assembled.

As 800,000 strong crowds thronged Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC, after giving a moving speech student Emma Gonzalez stood in a respectable silence for six minutes to remember those lost and was joined by the gathered crowd.

On February 14th 2018 mass shooting was committed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

Seventeen people were killed and seventeen more were wounded, making it one of the World’s deadliest school massacres.

The suspected perpetrator 19 year old Nickolas Cruz, was identified by witnesses and arrested shortly afterward.

Some students who began campaigning for gun control legislation also founded the advocacy group never again MSD.

The suspected shooter former student Nicholas Cruz ,was dropped off at the school by uber driver at 2:19 pm carrying a duffel bag and backpack, he was spotted and recognized by a staff member. At about 2:21 members of staff heard gun fire and activated a code “lock down”.

A school resource officer of the Broward county Sheriffs Office rushed to the scene, and The shooting lasted 6 minute.

The Parkland survivors and others students thanked the crowd at the end.








13 reasons why to have trigger warning before each episode of season 2

Following the renewal of 13 reasons why season 2 there has been an introduction of a warning video that will be shown at the beginning of the show and throughout the show’s duration as to reduce the dangers that parents and experts commented on.

13 reasons why is a flagship mystery teen drama that had it last episode premiered on 31st March 2017 received both positive and negative reviews from its audience.

Season 1 has 13 episodes that are centered on a high school student and his friend who committed suicide after suffering disheartening situations brought on my selected persons at her school.

The show resulted in a lot of controversy as a lot of parents and Mental Health specialists commented on the show’s contents with concerns that it is dangerous for young people in similar circumstances as it glorifies suicide.

Some viewers were unhappy about the show getting a second season.

Educator and Parent of a 9 year old written by Common S.May 3, 2017

All about ratings and not about our youths future

This is another example of how the entertainment industry will go to any length to get ratings, they are not concerned about the well being of our young people. Teen suicide is a huge problem and this type of show feeds off of the problem. The producers, actors and the networks should be.





Mental health specialists are yet to comment on whether the new videos and websites to address sensitive topics are enough to subdue the show’s potential dangers.





CCTV Footage Released Of Clapham High Street Attacker

Today Police issued a video of a man suspected of assaulting a 27 year old victim on the 23rd November around 2am at a Bar in Clapham High Street.

The offender is wanted for strucking the victim with a bottle inside the bar, after accusing the victim of harassing his girlfriend.

Police have described him as a white male, stocky built, who at the time was wearing blue jeans, green waistcoat and black shoes.

Brixton Crime Support Unit, Detective Constable Christel Tchakounte, has said the nature of the unprovoked attack was quite violent and they are appealing for witnesses to help locate and identify the suspect as soon as possible.

Any information contact Brixton Police Crime Support Unit on Lambeth CID 0208 649 2151 or @metcc or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111