The Christmas Sandwiches of Clapham 2017!

A turkey sandwich on boxing day is many peoples favourite bit of the Christmas celebrations, however the cunning people behind sandwich manufacturing have come up with hundreds of different Christmas sandwiches so you  don’t have to wait an till the 25th. Here are just 5 of them, the terms of this review is their all food retailers that are walking distance from Lambeth college and at a price point of bellow £5.


5) Oh what a joy it was not…


Coming in at the cheeky price of £3 the Gregg Sandwich is on the naughty list.

The worst sandwich was Gregg and their almost sacrilegious attempt at a turkey sandwich. The bread was as good as mush and the salad was far to prominent, even though some kind of greenery was a feature of them all this amount of spinach was overwhelming. The only thing it managed to do right was the distribution of cranberry sauce.  

4) Big budget bap…


Cafe Neros festive turkey special coming in at an extortionate £4.75 puts it firmly at the back of the race.

This was not an ergonomic sandwich, I don’t think I have a particularly small mouth but this sandwich took a lot of squishing to get it in there. Ciabatta is the type of bread that really could do with some kind of soup with it, or any liquid really, and this sandwich is no different. The bread is almost 5 cm thick and it really is the main feature. The cranberry sauce is nice, it has whole cranberries in it which makes it taste a bit more home made but it is far from a delight.

3) Peculiar but not offensive…


This reasonable wrap comes in at £3.20. 

This is a sandwich and a fajita combined to make something not quite as good as either. It had the welcome addition of cocktail sausages a key element missing from the other turkey heavy feasts. It felt wrong as a concept, but after a few bites I became adjusted to its modern fusion. Overall it was quite dry and the cranberry sauce was lurking in just one corner but it really did get better as I went along.

2) Its not meatball marinara but…


This seasonal sub comes in at £4.20 just missing the top spot.

Subway sandwiches are a in a very particular style, and no matter which filling you get it always has the omnipotent subway flavour. This seasonal sub was quite nice, I had it toasted with cheese because I really couldn’t understand what the sandwich artist was asking me. The turkey looked suspicious but upon tasting it I was pleasantly surprised. This sandwich was the ideal texture, the cranberry sauce didn’t taste dissimilar to monkey blood sauce you would put on ice cream but it wasn’t out of place. The sandwich misses out on the top spot due to its high price point and its lack of authenticity, however that is slightly my fault as the cheese is not part of the advertised festive feast. Also the fact its warm means it a lost easier to eat in the cold.

1) Winner winner turkey dinner!


Waitrose winning christmas sandwich at the price of £3.20.

The Waitrose Christmas sandwich was my winner, the bread had integrity and the turkey to trimming ratio was ideal. The cranberry sauce distribution was even and it felt authentic like you could actually eat it on boxing day and not be bitterly disappointed. For me the seeds in the bread really didn’t add anything and there where some dense bits of spinach but the generous chunks of turkey balanced it out. The price was also very reasonable.



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