Windrush Scandal

During the 1930s Empire Windrush, originally known as MV Monte Rosa, was a passenger liner and cruise ship launched in Germany.

Now the Windrush generation, have been declared immigrants. Even those who have been living in London for 50 years are being denied NHS treatment, have lost their jobs and are being threatened with deportation due to their lack of documentation.

However, according to a leaked email sent by a government whip, immigration reforms introduced by Theresa May, while she was home secretary, have “absolutely nothing” to do with the discrimination being faced by the Windrush generation.

Many blame the “hostile immigration” policy, that was put in place when Theresa May was in charge of the Home Office. As it made it harder for them to work, rent places to live and open bank accounts, without the right documentation.

Also a letter written by a Home Officer was leaked, dating back to 2016, revealing that Ministers were aware that the Windrush generation were being threatened with deportation years ago.


The letter, as shown above, is a break down of what Ministers knew before the scandal broke out.

Speaking to Nez Williams from Vox Radio Lambeth, she expressed her opinions on the scandal and her personal connection to the Windrush.








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