Outrage in England over the possible sale of Wembley



For many people, the Wembley stadium is the home of English football and has a huge significance. For his part, Ken Bates, ex-owner of Chelsea and between 1997 and 2001 was President of Wembley as director of the FA said: “It is a disgrace to suggest that it should be sold when it is a national treasure.”

At Wembley, England was proclaimed champion in the World Cup that was organised in 1966 and one of the heroes, goalkeeper Gordon Banks, spoke to The Sun saying: “It’s a mistake that England has to play away from Wembley while a (American) football team plays there in the fall, Wembley, as a stadium, makes the country feel proud of his football. ”

On the other hand, Gary Linker, BBC presenter said: “If money goes to grassroots football, to make fields, artificial or otherwise, for young people to play, it could be a positive thing.”


Another painful issue for fans is the economic issue.

The construction of the stadium will cost £757 million. Of these, £161 were contributed by different means of public financing. The FA still has a debt of 113 million for the construction of the stadium, which it expects to have fully amortised in 2024.

From the TaxPayers’ Alliance – a partnership for tax rebates – his campaign manager James Price demanded that “taxpayers must recover their money from any sale that occurs.”







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