Surface Work

Since the dawn of time the art world has been dominated by white men, whether it’s an abstract painting by Pablo Picasso or an impressionist piece by Van-Gough, our historical figures across the art world are always male; So to show that women do have an artistic voice and influence the Victoria miro gallery has launched “surface work” a new exhibition to showcases abstract art through the generations from women around the world.

This exhibition sends a powerful message that women were there through history right alongside the great men in art, pushing gender boundaries and creating beautiful abstract work. Lee Krasner is an example of someone who worked with a great man but was never seen as his artistic equal, she was the wife of Jackson Pollock, one of the most influential artists of his time.

Lee krasner’s art pictured left from “surface work” exhibition

Krasner was an abstract expressionist painter who throughout her work never had a single recognisable style but chose to incorporate and explore different artistic techniques, she is one of few female artists to have had a retrospective show at the Museum of Modern Art.

only one of her paintings is displayed in “surface work” but this one image shows why she deserves just as much recognition as her significant other.

“Even though it’s specifically a show of art by women, you can’t really come away from it with any single conclusion about how women paint, you just come away thinking that it all deserves as much attention as any art by men.”- time out London

The exhibition runs until the 14th of May across the galleries three spaces and celebrates artists like Betty Blayton, an African American activist turned painter, Tomie Ohtake a leading Brazilian abstract artist and many more women in the art industry.


This exhibition tells a story of empowerment that resonates with people around the world. By showing that women have always been prominent in the art industry the Victoria Miro gallery is helping us take another step to gender equality by adding to the list of inspirational and influential women throughout history and Art.


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