Teenagers kick the gaming world as Pros

13 year old Kyle Jackson from Sidcup, Kent, breaks the norms to become a professional gamer.

Kyle Jackson, who plays games almost everyday, has now made a career out of it. He plays in a team of three when playing secret Fortnite as the shooter, though he does not currently make any money as he will be gaining money from competition.

In an interview he said; “I’m doing very well in pretty much every subject so they’re not really worried about me playing as much as I do. I still have time to study”.

At only 8 years old he began gaming, he eventually recognised his talents when he will usually top the Fortnite scoreboards.

There’s been a lot of dispute in regards to the child gamer, both parents and some health experts have been sharing their concerns as they believe it can result to violence and sex assault.


President Donald Trump in a statement has said; There’s a need to address what young people are seeing. ” I’m hearing more and more people saying the level of violence on violence on video games is really shaping young people’s thought and then go the further step, and that’s the movies. You see these movies they’re so violent, and yet a kid is able to see the movie if sex isn’t involved killing is”

However, in the UK after a thorough research was done by Oxford University into child gamers have found that violent games were no more likely to damage the behaviour of young children than other types of games. The research, which focused on Primary school children in the UK, said the length the games were played for was more likely to have an impact than the type of game.

The question of whether child gaming contributes to violence still remains unanswered.
Since the 1950s, when games were introduced at a science fare as a technological twist, gaming has since become one of the most lucrative business in the entertainment industry.
So how can one become a professional gamer to get some extra cash?
To become a Professional Gamer requires a lot of dedication and hard-work, as the gaming industry is quite competitive but to be one there are few things to do to enhance your chances. These include:
1. Playing a lot of different types of games in order to familiarise yourself more on what your skills are.
2. Choosing your gaming platforms as to what you find easy to play with.
3. Determining what kind of game genre you like and whether you play to entertain or compete.
4.  Try to get a sponsorship which means that you can get paid or the opportunity to use their merchandise as a way to promote their product.
5. Going on tournaments, this is mostly one of the easiest way to earn a couple of pounds to participate in competitions.
 As changes continues to happen we await to see more exciting games.



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