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Eat what you want day

The International Eat What You Want Day is an annual celebration on May 11th. It celebrates the acceptance of the human body and the diversity of its forms. The goal is to draw attention and remember the dangers of some exaggerated dietary regimes. Thomas and Ruth Roy from emerged to help people get a break from diets. This medication

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The hidden gem of Peckham

Peckham salvage yard is London’s largest indoor vintage market, with more than 50 traders coming together in Copeland park and Peckham’s Bussey building, which is hidden in the back streets of Peckham to sell everything from vintage clothing to vintage maps. The founders of hackney flea market decided to bring their vintage Gems to one of south London’s cultural hotspots,

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Hay Fever 101

It’s that glorious time of year again when some of us become actively allergic to our surroundings. This irritating allergy affects 1 in 5 people in the UK. Were going to give you the low down on triggers and prevention so you can enjoy the outdoors fully this summer.   Hay fever is the umbrella term for an allergy to

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