Londoners love Soho!

Soho has been voted London’s favourite neighbourhood by Time out London, but what is it that draws people to Soho, is it the lively atmosphere ? the food? or the crazy Clubs?IMG_0067

Soho is located right in the centre of London and is known for its culture and nightlife, There are a number of LGBTQ venues in Soho and during pride in London you can watch Soho’s streets come alive with colours and music.

G-A-Y bar one of London’s most known gay clubs is located in Soho along with Heaven and village.

There is no doubt that Soho is a neighbourhood that is much loved by the LGBTQ community in London as you see gay pride flags hanging from houses and shop windows throughout Soho.

Soho is also known for its raunchy shops and window displays which certainly catch the attention of passers by and help to distinguish Soho as a wild and open community.

There are also dozens of Clubs and restaurants all around Soho, so you can go for Food with friends then hit up the hottest clubs in London such as Libertine and Club 49 after.


Chinatown is part of Soho and pays homage to Asian culture, there are many restaurants serving authentic food from Asian countries such as Vietnam, Thailand and china. there are also many fun activities and events that take place in Chinatown for example their annual Chinese new year celebrations.


Soho also has a variety of theatres, cinemas and jazz clubs such as Ronnie Scott’s, a renowned jazz bar that has been in the same spot since 1959 and has added to the rich history of Soho which used to be home to Mozart and the Sex pistols.

Soho is known for its diverse community, you see people of all ages and backgrounds, whether they are there to shop, eat or party all night.

Soho is a neighbourhood that brings everyone together to celebrate diversity in the heart of London.


Fast food advertisement could be banned on London Transport

Sadiq Khan has made a radical new proposal to ban all fast food advertisement on TFL

Today the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan announced a proposal to  ban all junk food advertisement, the first ban of its kind, on the TFL estate and a proposal that would prevent fast food places from being near schools.

Sadiq Khan, said: “Child obesity in London is a ticking timebomb and I am determined to act. If we don’t take bold steps against it we are not doing right by our young people as well as placing a huge strain on our already pressurised health service in years to come.”IMG-20180511-WA0007

The mayor is very concerned with the obesity problem in London,  40% of children aged 10-11 are obese which makes London one of the child obesity capitals of Europe. What is also concerning for him is that this issue disproportionally affects more deprived areas.

Young people in Barking and Dagenham are twice as likely to be overweight than children from Richmond. He believes that the government needs to take a more active role in preventing child obesity from becoming out of control.

He is consulting people on banning the advertisement of foods and drinks that are high in sugar, fat and salt. He hopes that by 2028 significant progress will be made towards healthier living for both adults and children.

Chief Medical Officer, Professor Dame Sally Davies, said: “The evidence is clear that although it is not a silver bullet, restricting the amount of junk food adverts children are exposed to will help reduce obesity.

The National Centre for Social Research and Cancer Research UK did a study that showed that advertisements of junk food, especially when they are aimed at children, put extra pressure on families to buy unhealthy food when choosing what to eat

On top of this he has also proposed a ban on hot food takeaways being within 400 metres of schools as well as the creation of a child obesity task force appointing a chair and vice chair to organise the initiative.

Eat what you want day

The International Eat What You Want Day is an annual celebration on May 11th. It celebrates the acceptance of the human body and the diversity of its forms.

The goal is to draw attention and remember the dangers of some exaggerated dietary regimes.

Thomas and Ruth Roy from emerged to help people get a break from diets. This medication was supported by many nutritionists, who agree that they dare to get rid of themselves can be really beneficial.

This day is very much for the International Day Without Diets (6th May) created by the British feminist Mary Evans Young who must fight against the industry of dietary products and alert the world about the dangers of anorexia nervosa and other eating disorders.

The main goals of this day are:

  1. Challenge the idea of ​​a “correct” body shape (beauty canon)
  2. Create awareness of weight discrimination
  3. Declare a day free of diets and obsessions for body weight.
  4. Highlight facts about the slimming products industry, drawing attention to the ineffectiveness of many commercial diets (without consulting a doctor).
  5. Remember the victims of eating disorders.

Some people think that everyday should be Eat what you want day

The vegans also pronounced themselves:

Call a friend and go out to have fun and indulge yourself.



The hidden gem of Peckham

Peckham salvage yard is London’s largest indoor vintage market, with more than 50 traders coming together in Copeland park and Peckham’s Bussey building, which is hidden in the back streets of Peckham to sell everything from vintage clothing to vintage maps.IMG_0184

The founders of hackney flea market decided to bring their vintage Gems to one of south London’s cultural hotspots, Peckham.

The Peckham salvage yard runs once every two months and brings together dozens of handpicked traders from established vintage clothing sellers to locals clearing out their loft.


Peckham salvage yard has something for everyone, whether you are looking for kitchen utensils or a new fur coat this market has it!

There are endless stalls and clothing racks filled with personal treasures, unique furniture and crazy bargains.

You see people of all ages and walks of life come together at the salvage yard to enjoy this unique and lively atmosphere, there’s a live sound system playing music, an outdoor social area with seats and a bar as well as restaurants and food stalls.

Peckham salvage yard is also surrounded by bars, clubs and restaurants, in the heart things to do after they rummage through heaps of vintage clothes and treasures at the Peckham salvage yard.

Sadly, we have to wait until the 7th July for Peckham to become home to all things vintage once again, but until then Hackney flea market is open for business once a month and also hosts many of the same traders in a smaller space.

The next one is coming up next Saturday the 19th May.

Hay Fever 101

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It’s that glorious time of year again when some of us become actively allergic to our surroundings.

This irritating allergy affects 1 in 5 people in the UK.

Were going to give you the low down on triggers and prevention so you can enjoy the outdoors fully this summer.


Hay fever is the umbrella term for an allergy to pollen, depending on the month different pollen are more present. In April to mid May tree pollen will be the main irritant, in June and July grass pollen takes over, then in august and September weed pollen takes centre stage. If you’re unlucky you can be allergic to all three!

Luckily the pollon forecast can help you to predeict how you will be affected day to day.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This diagram show the pollen count across the UK for Friday the 11th, Saturday the 12th and Sunday the 13th of may.

So what can you do?!

We’ve created a list of tips and tricks starting with what you can do while you’re out and about. Although staying in doors is a good method of prevention it is high likley you will have to go out side.

  • Put some Vaseline around your nose, a slightly greasy nose will help trap pollen particles so the don’t go up your nose.
  • A big pair of sunglasses will help keep some of the allergen out of your eyes, the more surface they cover the better!
  • Stay away from foods that encourage the production of histamine, these include cured meats, pickles and cheese. (sorry to ruin your picnic)
  • Alcohol is also full of histamines 😦
  • Reducing smoking or stopping all together will also help, as the smoke irritates the sensitive lining of your nose  and makes you more susceptible to the symptoms of hay fever.


Is there a cure?!

Unfortunately there isn’t a quick fix to hay fever, some people grow out of it and if you’re really servery allergic to it you may be offered immunotherapy, but this can take months or years to have any effect. But luckily for the average sufferer there are some short term aids to help you.

  • Antihistamines are one of the most commonly used preventative medications, there are available over the counter and as a prescription. However they can make you slightly drowsy and can have negative impacts on your health taken in too higher dosage.
  •  Eye drops can alleviate the burning and itching in your eyes, you can also get medicated ones to target the problem area of the eyes directly.
  • Decongestant Nasal spray can wash out some of the pollen and help calm down the allergic reaction.


Today Grammar schools get a £50 million to create thousands of new places

The government hand over £50 million to Grammar schools to create new places instead of funding other state schools.

Ministers says that this step will give parents more choice for children moving to secondary school when they are 11.

But union leaders said the money should be going to those crippled by Tory cuts, where people have had to beg parents for help to buy books, pens and glue.

National Education Union joint general secretary Kevin Courtney said: “The grammar schools corpse has climbed out of its coffin once again despite evidence of the damage that selective education causes. Schools up and down the country are desperately short of funds.”

“This is money that would be better invested in ensuring all schools could provide for their pupils without having to ask for money from parents.”

“Selective education systems are also linked with greater inequality in social outcomes later in life.”

Deputy general secretary of school’s leaders’ union the NAHT, Nick Brook added: ” The Government cannot point to a single piece of evidence that shows educational benefit of this misguided policy. While it may benefit a small minority, it will not close the gap between rich and poor pupils.”

Education Secretary Damian Hinds said, “We can give children of all backgrounds access to a world-class education.”

Chief executive Jim Skinner said ” We are very pleased that like other good and outstanding schools, selective schools now have access to a fund to allow them to expand their premises.”

“This is particularly important at a time when there are increasing numbers of pupils reaching secondary age and such a high demand for selective school places.”

The PM today hands out the cash to expand 163 selective schools.

Faith schools

The government also said that they will remove the cap on faith-based free schools can only allocate 50% of place on grounds of religion. It has been widely criticised by religious leaders.

But late the Government has discarded this promise. And instead of this, they will provide funds for local councils to open voluntary-aided faith schools with 100% faith-based admission where there is the demand.

The funding will be taken from the bank of money created to create new free schools.

Lambeth at Balfour Beatty London Youth Games 2018 Final’s


The annual London Youth Games final takes place on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th July at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre, which can see up to over 125 thousand people at these games.

Can you compete for Lambeth

Trial’s for the games that are part of the National School Games Programme continues and should you wish to represent Team Lambeth, the responsibility for entries stands with the Council.

Team Lambeth Competitor in the Javelin

For further information contact Rodney Craig by emailing him at or telephone 0207 926 0338.

Team Lambeth would love you to compete as part of the Love Lambeth to find talented young people to represent Lambeth at the games and also includes sports for those with disabilities and special needs. Let find some greatness in Lambeth.

The games consist of 33 boroughs across London including our borough of Lambeth in South London competing again each other in what is the largest Youth Games in Europe.

The games are available to both primary and secondary schools and have around 30 competitions, which includes football and volley ball along with all the other main sporting events and are aimed at 7-18 years age group,

London Youth Games Map of area of competing borough’s

Lambeth Borough always have good team especially for Basketball, disability football, fencing, which they have done well over the years.

Lambeth at the previous games

Lambeth Borough had these people in previous games being Samson Oni the UK high jump gold medalist took part in the Youth Games for Lambeth playing Basketball for boys team and Common Wealth and European long jump medalist. Jade Johnson represented Britain in 2004 and 2008 Olympics and was 4th in 2003 World Championship, 2nd in Commonwealth Games and silver medalist in 2002 European Championships in the long jump. Joice Maduala, British sprint champion. These three were in the same youth games.

Jade Johnson Competed for Lambeth in the Long jump.

Link to Youtube video of Jade Johnson

  • Competing for Team GB in the long jump
  • Training sessions with her trainer
  • Taking part in Strictly Come Dancing
jade johnson at the 2008 bejing olmypics
Jade Johnson at 2008 Bejing Olympics in the Long Jump

Jade Johnson in 2002 won silver medals in both the Commonwealth Games and European Championships.


Steve Bucknall 

steve bucknall
Steve Bucknall who took place in 1979 Youth Games as a Trail Blazing Baller

 Steve Bucknall was an NBA Basketball Star who play as Trail Blazing Baller in the London Youth Games in 1979 for Team Lambeth. He went to to become the first person from England to make it big in the American Basketball League where he has  played in the no 24 vest for the Lakers      

  • Link below of Steve Bucknall interview with London Basketball Association

LBA Exclusive: Interview with Steve Bucknall


Joice Maduaka

Joice Maduaka – Former Team Lambeth track star

Joice Maduaka holds the record for winning the most medals in the Bristish Athletics Championships.

The Youth Games has seen some big names in sports rise to become medallist’s including Mo Farah, John Regis, Mike McFarlane, Tasha Danvers, Steve Blackley, Paralympic David Weir and Linford Christie. Lambeth has produce many sport greats some who has moved onto other borough to continue doing well in there chosen sports.

This years 2018 games Lambeth is looking to do very well in all the sports that they have entered against the other boroughs which mounts up to around 33.

The competition will give the Lambeth Borough contenders the opportunities to grab some of the incentives on offer and to make it into sport at very competitive level.

There is also the means to volunteer at the games by contacting Lucy on

Go and support Lambeth youths at the game by contacting

The annual Youth Games logo

Chelsea look to clinch slim Champions League hopes with away win at Newcastle United

Chelsea are playing Newcastle United on the final day of the Premier League season with Chelsea having a slim chance of clinching a top four place and a Champions League place for next season.

Chelsea have to defeat Newcastle on Sunday as well as Liverpool having to lose at home to Brighton & Hove Albion to secure a top four place.

Antonio Conte’s job relies heavily on qualifying for next seasons Champions League and it will give them automatic entry into the Champions League football for next season.

Rafa Benitez’s Newcastle United team don’t have much to play for on the final day as they can’t qualify for Europe, neither can they get relegated so it is possible that they could field a weakened side ahead of the final game.

Liverpool’s game against Brighton as mentioned earlier is likely to not have too many consequences as Liverpool  will possibly play a strong team to clinch qualification.

Although even if they lose Liverpool could still win the Champions League which will be a remarkable achievement for Klopp considering the squad he inherited from Brendan Rodgers.

Newcastle manager Rafa Benitez: “I said so many times, it has been a great season.At the beginning, the target was to stay up.To do that with five games to go is amazing.”

Chelsea head coach Antonio Conte: “We’re struggling to take a place in the Champions League. But we play in a very tough league where there are six top teams fighting for a place.”

Guy Mowbray: “It’s considered vulgar to talk money, yet with Newcastle the topic of finance is never far away. Is the club any closer to being sold?How much will Rafa Benitez get to spend this summer?

Frightened Rabbit singer death have been confirmed

A body discovered at Port Edgar around 8:30 pm was confirmed to be him.

The singer whose actual name is Scott Hutchsion went missing from the early hours of  Wednesday morning, the police were informed of his disappearance and a search for him was conducted.

He was last seen after his at Dakota Hotel in South Queensferry.

Image result for scott hutchison last seen at dakota hotel

In a statement released by his family through Police Scotland they said; “As a family, we are utterly devastated with the tragic loss of our beloved Scott”. they also proceeded to say there had been concern of his mental health and stability.

Being known as a founding member and the primary songwriter of the indie rock band Frightened Rabbit with whom he recorded five studio albums.

His fans have been left in total shock after the announcement of his death, social media have been filled with tributes to him.

The cause of death is yet to be confirmed but there is speculations that it might be suicide due to his struggles with his mental health.

Mr. Hutchsion had previously spoken openly about his battle with depression over the years with his older brother who said the singer went public about that as a way to help other people in similar conditions.

Depression itself is a serious illness that happens without any hint or warning, so if there is anyone you know that suffers from depression it is best to be of help in letting them seek help.
The last tweets from Mr. Hutchsion’s account did give an indication on what to come.

If it is confirmed that his cause of death is suicide, it will come after Wednesday hour long episode of Coronation Street which portrayed the shock and grief of Weatherfield residents after they found about out Aiden Connor suicide.

The new plot to the series was meant to give awareness to the increase of male of suicide in our society and educating them on how to seek help from the available charities that deals with suicide like Samaritans and Grassroots suicide prevention.

For now the death Mr. Hutchison continues to sadden us as we await his cause of death.

School bans pencil cases to stop bullying

A Primary school in Blyth, Northumberland has banned pencil cases in an attempt to stop the stigma against poor families.

The Head teacher of St Wilfrid’s, Pauline Johnstone, has said herself that the reason for the ban is “so there’s no comparison on the tables and children are learning”.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Having worked with charity Children North East, the school started providing stationery  for students as well as cutting down on the amount of dress-up and fundraising days.

Ms Johnstone has said there have been a few complaints but there was enough time left for the rule to be fully enforced.

Children North East led the Poverty Proofing the School Day project, to encourage teachers to look out for students being unwittingly excluded.

The charity has also claimed that dress-up, fundraising days and talks like ‘what I did on the weekend’ highlight those from a low-income background. And that schools also found a more discreet way of administering free school uniforms to families who are reluctant to ask for them.

Students also expressed their views, student 15 year old Harris Auchterlonie has said: “There was a real big issue with some people, it really got to them. There was a really big social expectation to have the best things and it was affecting school life for a lot of people, there was groups created around who had the best things but I think that has been taken away. That’s not an issue anymore.”

However a lot of people do not agree with the ban and have expressed some of their views via Twitter.

On the other hand, some people believe that it will be a learning curve for kids.

While others again think that by doing this we are just ignoring the issue.