London Borough Of Lambeth Local Elections 2018


Local Elections take’s place around Lambeth on Thursday 3rd May 2018. Polls open at 7am and close at 10pm

  • Lambeth website to show you all wards in Lambeth for 2018 elections

Lambeth’s Local Elections 

Wards to Watch in 2018

Lambeth consist of 21 wards in this local elections and the main target wards to watch could be defined as Gypsy Hill, Herne Hill and Clapham.

What is the importance of these three wards in this election. Firstly Gypsy Hill has two current Labour Councillors who are Cabinet Members, Regeneration and Planning and Housing and Environments.

Gypsy Hill for many years was a Conservative ward until they were ousted by Labour in the last local elections in 2014. Labour are now been challenged in both target ward Gypsy Hill and Herne Hill, by the Green Party who are stipulating around the subject of the Libraries and Central Hill Regeneration.

central hill 2
Central Hill estate which comes under Gypsy Hill ward

The Conservative took Clapham in the last election so will the competition this year be tough for them with Labour looking to regain the seats and the Green wanting to position themselves there too. Lib Dems seen to have faltered around the borough so are they likely to ever recover.

Labour and Green Party seem to have up there campaign with door knocking, leafleting and generally speaking to the residents of Lambeth.

The Conservative have somewhat diminished themselves around Lambeth with the Windrush fiasco and the Lib Dem seen to have gone very quiet, with other parties not generating much publicity.

Going into tomorrow elections out of the 63 seat rolled out for the 21 wards, Labour holds 59 seats, Conservative 3 seats and Green Party 1 seats. All other parties including the Lib Dems hold 0 seats, having been wiped out in 2014.

Is this position likely to change after the election tomorrow 3rd May, with the counts results expected on Friday 4th May? Watch this space for further updates! We will be reporting live from the count. 

Below is the list of seats from the 2014 election results:

Election results by party
Party name Seats won % of votes
 Labour 59 54%
 Conservative 3 15%
 Green 1 16%
 Liberal Democrats 0 13%
 UK Independence Party 0 2%
 Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 0 < 1%
 Independent 0 < 1%
 The Socialist Party of Great Britain 0 < 1%
 Trade Unionist and Socialist Against Cuts 0 < 1%
 Pirate Party 0 < 1%
Turnout: 34%
Lambeth are hoping the 2018 May elections turn out to polling station will be much higher than the 34% that voted in 2014.
no vote no say
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