11:00       The team are here at the oval, not for cricket but the count of the local elections. We’ll have all the results for you as it happens.

11:04       Coldharbour Ward coming up for results shortly, will it be a surprise for candidate. Will the new Independent Rachel Heywood former Labour Councillor surprise everyone by keeping her seat as an Independent or will she be ousted by another candidate. Lets wait and see result soon to go live.

Isaac and Nez at Lambeth Count 2018
Team Vox at the count for London Borough of Lambeth, Local Council Elections 2018

11:33   Really good to see groups of school children being taken round the count seeing democracy in action. Word on the floor is the Greens are hopeful with one candidate saying “it’s looking good”.

11:38   Labour chief whip, Paul Gadsby and Councillor for Vassall ward, told us that’s he’s been working very hard over the last few day. Nez caught up with on the count floor about how the campaign has gone.

Paul Gadsby with Nez

12.33 It gone a little quieting now in the counts room, but many candidates are still looking apprehensive as they wait for results. 17 wards verified and counts started, so now awaiting final result.

12.49 We are looking to have the first two results for Bishop and Streatham Hill ward shortly after 1pm.

13.04 Streatham Hill candidate being called forward, results should be out soon.

13.11 Fresh news St Leonard’s ward in Streatham was a target ward in last night election, so another one to watch at result time.

13.24  Turn out for this year’s election was up slightly by just under 2%.


Above link to interview with Adrian Audsley of the Green Party from Thornton ward, same ward as Lib Peck Labour leader.

13.38 Thornton ward which is the leader Lib Peck ward result should be coming soon.

14.05 Just got an interview with Cllr Rachel Heywoode former Labour Cllr now standing as an independent in Coldharbour ward. Link to interview will follow shortly.

14.14 Labour wins Bishop ward taking all 3 seats to return Labour Councillors. Jen Moseley, Cllr Kevin Craig and Cllr Ibrahim Dogus. Link to their interviews to follow soonan.

Bishops Ward Winning Councillors

14.33 Link to interview with Cllr Rachel Heywoode who is ran as  an Independent candidate for Coldharbour ward at last night’s elections.

14.39 Cllr Heywoode interview link


14.43 Bishop ward Labour Councillors interview link below – 

14.52 Larkhall ward result should be out soon.

14.55 Larkhall result coming within minute.

15.17  Labour holds onto Larkhall ward with Christina Valcarcel having a whopping 063 votes, followed by Andy Wilson with 1,893 and new candidate Tim Windle with 1,751 votes. link to interviews to follow.

larkhall councillors and baby

15.30 Labour wins Oval ward and holds on to the 3 seats with Cllr Jack Hopkins 1,986, Cllr Claire Holland 1981 and Cllr Phillip Normal 1,719 votes.

15.37 Labour leader Lib Peck keeps her seat with 2,114 votes followed closely by Labour Jane Edbrooke Labour 1,999

Thornton Hall

16.03 Labour wins  Stockwell ward again with 3 seats for Lucy Caldicott, Mahamed Hashi and Mohammed Jaser.

16.13 Labour once again holds onto Streatham South with 3 seats for Cllr  Daniel Adilypou 2217, Cllr John Kazantzis 2187 and  Cllr Clair Wilcox 2,207.

16.30 Result coming in fast, Labour keeps hold of Knight Hill for 3 Cabinet Members Cllr Sonia Winifred – Culture & Equality, Cllr Jackie Meldrum – Adults and Social Services and Cllr Jane Pickard  – Childrens & Young People.

Knights Hill

16.31 Labour keeps 3 seats for Coldharbour ward for Cllr Donatus Anyanwu 2,257, Cllr Emma Nye – 2,325 and Cllr Matt Parr – 1,971. Cllr Rachel Haywoode who was a former Labour Councillor and stood as an Independent only gained 660 seats.

16.37 Streatham Hill ward result coming should be with you in a few minutes.

16.43 Streatham Hill results in and Labour holds all 3 seats. Cllrs Liz Atkins, Rezina and Iain Simpson

17:02 Green Party steal seat from Labour in Gypsy Hill. Greens fought a hard campaign promising to champion the concerns of those living on the Central Hill Estate. More to come as we get it.

Greens of Lambeth

17:04  Princes Ward is held by Labour. Still to come Clapham Common, the home of Lambeth College, will it stay Conservatives or will Labour make up their lost seat?

17.13 Labour keeps their seats in Vassall ward. This is the ward of Cllr Paul Gadsby the Labour Chief Whip and the MBE Cllr Jacqui Dyer and Cllr Annie Gallop have beaten off the opposition to keep all 3 seat Labour once again.

17.17 Breaking News – Full recounts order for Clapham Common, word on the floor Conservative may have loss a seat, hence my prediction earlier on target wards.

17:25  Herne Hill result just being announced. Labour holds 2 seats with Cllrs Jim Dickson and Cllr Pauline George. Labour Jack Holborn lost his seat to Green Party Becca Thackray from the Green Party. Did the Carnegie Library in Herne Hill have an impact on votes?


17.34 Thurlow Park ward Labour holds onto their 3 seats to keep the ward Red.

17.39 Five wards left for the counts Brixton Hill, Clapham Common, Streatham Wells, St Leonards, and Streatham Wells. St Leondards is being announced now. Greens already have a seat here and have held it.

17:42 A Green sweep in St Leonard’s. Green Party will be the official opposition of Lambeth Labour in the new Council. Labour lost their their 2 seats to give Green Party all 3 seats.


17.49 Brixton Hill results up next in a few minutes.

17.53 Brixton Hill result now in with Labour Co-op once again holding on to the 3 seats with new candidate Cllr Maria Kay, Brixton Hill  Cllr Adrian Garden and Cllr Martin Tiedemann

18.02 Streatham Wells stays Labour by keeping hold of their 3 seats, Cllr Marianna Masters, Mohammed Seedat and Malcclm Clark to keep the Wells of Streatham red.

18.05 Tulse Hill results coming up, will be interested see results due to the Cressingham Gardens being a hot issue with locals.

18.08 Lambeth Labour Mayor Marcia Cameron keeps her seat with a vote of 2,271, with our other 2 Councillors Mary Atkins – 2,289 and Ben Kind – 2,102. Labour seals another 3 seats to beat off the Greens.

18.14 Last results to come in from Clapham Common recounts. Nail biting time for all the candidate as we await the final counts for the Lambeth Local Elections

18.47 Final results just in and Labour has regained 2 seats from the Conservative who are left with 1 seat for Tim Briggs.


19.01 At last the count have been completed and everyone rushed out to the pub or home.  Labour lost 1 seat, Greens gained 2 seats and Conservative lost 2 seats.

It being great day thank you all for logging.


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