The Anatomy of luxury

Every week selfridges corner shop is home to a different brand displaying their collections and telling stories through their outrageous designs and unexpected collaborations.

This week untill the 6th of may The corner shop was home to A.F vandervorst a Belgian fashion house that has been around for 20 years, they have displayed their collections on runways around the world and have been featured in vogue magazine.

A.F vandervorst recently hit their 20 year anniversary and to mark the milestone the two designers An Vandevorst and Filip Arickx have decided to go their separate ways in the fashion world.

The artists met three decades ago on their first day at the world renowned royal academy of fine arts. this meeting led to one of fashions most distinctive creative collaborations when their emerged in the fashion industry in 1988 with their debut show.

This fashion show took place in a schools courtyard with a glass roof, the designers placed beds around the yard with models lying down in different positions fully dressed in the pieces from the collection, this was to show  “the behaviour of a woman lying on her bed and the integration of that environment into her wardrobe”- vandervorst


To commemorate 20 years in the fashion industry this one week residency in selfridges is inspired by the concept behind their debut show. The pair are also launching a collaborative collection with super-stylist B Åkerlund inspired by pieces from their favourite collections, this will be available online and in-store.



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