Chelsea’s crucial game to gain Champions League qualification

Chelsea play Liverpool this weekend in a crucial game to avoid playing Europa League football next season and gain entrance to the Champions League.

After the game there will only be three games remaining of the League campaign and they will have to defeat Liverpool and win all their other remaining games as well as Liverpool slipping up against Brighton & Hove Albion.

Chelsea also have the FA Cup Final on the last week of the domestic season after their final Premier League away game against Newcastle United which could potentially give them the Champions League football title.

Their recent form has improved recently compared to earlier this season winning seven of their last nine games in all competitions, pushing them into the Champions League race for qualification.

Antonio Conte’s job is on the line as it rests him to make sure his team get to qualify for Champions League football next season ahead of either Liverpool or Tottenham.

Lastly, Chelsea have to play several post season games on tour at the end of the season although these games don’t count for much as they aren’t included in the full official statistics as first class games and most players will be rested and on break because of World Cup commitments that same summer.



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