Bomb threats makes schools evacuate after receiving emails

Email containing bomb threats were sent to “multiples” of schools in Britain forcing some to evacuate from the building.

West London Primary school Fairholme Primary at Feltham informed parents earlier today due to the threats.

Selly Park Technology College for Girls in Birmingham were among schools that were evacuated after it received a threat earlier in the day.

Image result for selly park technology college evacuation bomb threat

The National Crime agency has  launched an investigation into the e-mails they also wrote a statement on their Twitter account.

Threats were made to schools like Middlesex, Uxbridge, London, Warwickshire and the West Midlands.

Selly Park Technology College for Girls’s Deputy Head Mr. Clinton wrote on their twitter account after the evacuation.

The number of schools that have received such threats are yet to be confirmed but teachers are told to remain calm if they receive any threats and inform the police.

The West Midland Police statement said; “We are aware of emails circulating to a number of schools in the West Midlands and nationally this morning (Tuesday May 8) making bomb threats – at this stage it is believed they are false and malicious.

Schools are meant to be the safest and most protected spaces to nurture its students where staff are adequately trained in emergency situations to safeguard students so such threats are being treated as a top priority and not disregarded .




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