Celebrity parents that publicly came out as part of LGBT

Gloria Carter mother of Rap “legend” Jay Z, real name Shawn Corey Carter, was given a special credit “gong” for the impact she made whilst making ‘Smile’ which was released last year as she took the award on behalf of her son.

At the GLAAD Media Awards she told the viewers that is was the first time she had spoke to someone about who she really was.

In a statement she said; “Smile became a reality because I shared with my son who I am.”

My son cried and said: “It must have been horrible to live that way for so long.'”

“My life wasn’t horrible,” she added.

“I chose to protect my family from ignorance. I was happy but I was not free.”

Jay Z addressed this saying he wept when his mum told him about her sexuality and that she was in-love with her female partner.

In his song he spoke about his mum’s struggle as she had live a life of pretended as a way to ensure her children were not ridiculed.

In an interview with David Letterman, American television host, he said; “For her to sit in front of me and tell me, ‘I think I love someone’. I mean, I really cried.”

The public reaction to Gloria Carter remained positive and encouraging.








Caitlyn Jenner, who was previously known as Bruce Jenner, is a retired Olympic gold medal-wining decathlete who formerly identified publicly as a male she had six children from previous relationships.

In April 2015, she announced her name change from Bruce to Caitlyn and her transition, which alongside her name and gender became official in September 25, 2015. She has been called the most well-known openly transgender woman in the world.

In an interview she said part of the reason she openly came out was to bring attention to gender dysphoria, violence against trans women, and other transgender issuesShe also wanted to endorse a more informed discussion of LGBT issues at a time when the LGBT community has unprecedented visibility.

The public’s reaction on her coming out was positive but recently there has been a lot of negative comments made about her.







There are other parents like Duncan James who sexuality changed after they had children.

Growing is a process that does not stop so as we do, we realise what we like and what makes us happy and if that applies to our sexuality there is no shame in that and being who you are meant to be.



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