Green Party Co Leader Jonathan Bartley Elected to Lambeth Council

May 3rd 2018, local election saw the Green Party celebrate as they gained 5 seats, with a clean sweep of 3 seats in St Leonards, which included Jonathan Bartley and 1 seat in Gypsy Hill and 1 seat in Herne Hill. This now takes the pressure off the Conservative who kept 1 seat out of 3 in Clapham Common as the other 2 went to Labour.

Conservative Cllr Tim Briggs kept his seat in Clapham Common to be the only man standing for Conservative after the election results.

Conservative Cllr Tim Briggs
Cllr Tim Briggs celebrating his win for Clapham Common

Cllr Brigg – Clapham Common Conservative Party

Interview with Cllr Brigg below.

  • Live interview at the election counts with Cllr Tim Briggs.
  • Cllr Brigg answer a question as to whether he thinks that all the matters with the Windrush lost them the two seat.


The Green Party with 5 seats will now be the main opposition to the Labour Party’s 57 seats.  Cllr Bartley stated ”  It’s a privilege to be the only party leader in England elected to serve as a local Cllr”  “In the Green Party we believe in the power of local and leading by example”.


green party st leonard
Cllr Jonathan Bartley and two other winning Cllrs from St Leonard’s ward

New Gypsy Hill Green Cllr Peter Elliot defeated the sitting Labour Cllr Luke Murphy by 144 votes to take the seat. Labour Cllr Jennifer Braithwaite held onto her seat with 2,063 votes, while Labour Cllr Matthew Bennett remains with 2,054 votes. Link below of interview with Cllr Peter Elliot and Cllr Matthew Bennett.

Link to interview with Cllr Peter Elliot 

Link to interview with Cllr Matthew Bennett. 


peter elliot
Peter Elliot (middle) after winning a seat in Gypsy Hill

Cllr Peter Elliot, Green Party for Gypsy Hill

Cllr Becca Thacknay  won a seat for the Green Party in Herne Hill by defeating Labour Jack Holborn  by 251 seats.

Herne hill llrs
Cllr Becca  Thackray Green Party who was seated alongside the two Labour Cllrs Jim Dickson and Pauline George

Cllr Becca  Thackray Green Party who was seated alongside the two Labour Cllrs Jim Dickson and Pauline George

Overall the Green Party has 173 Cllrs around England, making them the third main party close on the heels of the Lib Dems.

This is the link below of the interview with the soon  outgoing Mayor of Lambeth, Labour Cllr Marcia Cameron on what she had to say at the election counts

  • audio interview of Marcia Cameron outgoing Mayor of Lambeth speaking about Lambeth and winning her seat at the election counts on May 4th 2018.
marcia cameron
Outgoing Mayor Of Lambeth Cllr Marcia Cameron who won her seat at the Local Election for Labour in Tulse Hill.

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