Cleaning up after the bank holiday

After having enjoyed the May bank holiday with sensational temperature in London (with an average that exceeded 23 degrees Celsius).

After the bank holiday, throughout the United Kingdom, there have been many affected public sites such as parks and beaches.

The population is not concerned about the environment and instead of depositing the waste used in the appropriate containers we can see that it has been scattered on the ground of parks such as Clapham Common.


It is necessary to make people aware of the problem, as we can see we are in a period of global warming and deforestation. To reduce this, each council should monitor these certain areas.

However, not only the council should work on this, but also members of the public. The population has launched a campaign called “Take your rubbish home!” To clean up the parks and beaches after the holiday bank.

However, attitudes also have to be changed to ensure that one week’s clean-up is not replaced by another week’s worth of rubbish.

Awareness of the advantages of keeping the environment clean needs to start at school and campaigns can be launched to encourage people not to leave their trash behind.

Why is it important to recycle and clean up?

An activist explained, “Most people visit our nature reserves and the countryside for a nice day out and to spot some wildlife; not only does litter spoil the look of our nature reserves and the wider countryside in general, it’s also dangerous for wildlife.”


Cleaning up litter in Brighton and Hove costs the city more than £5M a year. After the busiest weekend of the year ,so far, residents were disgusted to wake up to a beach strewn with litter. Exactly, to the council costs £5.2M a year, as they need 178 cleaning staff.

But the scale of the problem is huge, with almost a tonne of rubbish found on Sussex beaches in a single week.

The interviewed said: “People have been leaving cans, bottles, crisp packets and rubbish at the playing fields, which happens every time we have a bit of nice weather and a holiday. It seems to be particularly bad at the moment, and it is tragic to see the area looking like this in view of all the trouble we have gone to in order to improve it.”


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