Eat what you want day

The International Eat What You Want Day is an annual celebration on May 11th. It celebrates the acceptance of the human body and the diversity of its forms.

The goal is to draw attention and remember the dangers of some exaggerated dietary regimes.

Thomas and Ruth Roy from emerged to help people get a break from diets. This medication was supported by many nutritionists, who agree that they dare to get rid of themselves can be really beneficial.

This day is very much for the International Day Without Diets (6th May) created by the British feminist Mary Evans Young who must fight against the industry of dietary products and alert the world about the dangers of anorexia nervosa and other eating disorders.

The main goals of this day are:

  1. Challenge the idea of ​​a “correct” body shape (beauty canon)
  2. Create awareness of weight discrimination
  3. Declare a day free of diets and obsessions for body weight.
  4. Highlight facts about the slimming products industry, drawing attention to the ineffectiveness of many commercial diets (without consulting a doctor).
  5. Remember the victims of eating disorders.

Some people think that everyday should be Eat what you want day

The vegans also pronounced themselves:

Call a friend and go out to have fun and indulge yourself.




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