The hidden gem of Peckham

Peckham salvage yard is London’s largest indoor vintage market, with more than 50 traders coming together in Copeland park and Peckham’s Bussey building, which is hidden in the back streets of Peckham to sell everything from vintage clothing to vintage maps.IMG_0184

The founders of hackney flea market decided to bring their vintage Gems to one of south London’s cultural hotspots, Peckham.

The Peckham salvage yard runs once every two months and brings together dozens of handpicked traders from established vintage clothing sellers to locals clearing out their loft.


Peckham salvage yard has something for everyone, whether you are looking for kitchen utensils or a new fur coat this market has it!

There are endless stalls and clothing racks filled with personal treasures, unique furniture and crazy bargains.

You see people of all ages and walks of life come together at the salvage yard to enjoy this unique and lively atmosphere, there’s a live sound system playing music, an outdoor social area with seats and a bar as well as restaurants and food stalls.

Peckham salvage yard is also surrounded by bars, clubs and restaurants, in the heart things to do after they rummage through heaps of vintage clothes and treasures at the Peckham salvage yard.

Sadly, we have to wait until the 7th July for Peckham to become home to all things vintage once again, but until then Hackney flea market is open for business once a month and also hosts many of the same traders in a smaller space.

The next one is coming up next Saturday the 19th May.


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