Today Grammar schools get a £50 million to create thousands of new places

The government hand over £50 million to Grammar schools to create new places instead of funding other state schools.

Ministers says that this step will give parents more choice for children moving to secondary school when they are 11.

But union leaders said the money should be going to those crippled by Tory cuts, where people have had to beg parents for help to buy books, pens and glue.

National Education Union joint general secretary Kevin Courtney said: “The grammar schools corpse has climbed out of its coffin once again despite evidence of the damage that selective education causes. Schools up and down the country are desperately short of funds.”

“This is money that would be better invested in ensuring all schools could provide for their pupils without having to ask for money from parents.”

“Selective education systems are also linked with greater inequality in social outcomes later in life.”

Deputy general secretary of school’s leaders’ union the NAHT, Nick Brook added: ” The Government cannot point to a single piece of evidence that shows educational benefit of this misguided policy. While it may benefit a small minority, it will not close the gap between rich and poor pupils.”

Education Secretary Damian Hinds said, “We can give children of all backgrounds access to a world-class education.”

Chief executive Jim Skinner said ” We are very pleased that like other good and outstanding schools, selective schools now have access to a fund to allow them to expand their premises.”

“This is particularly important at a time when there are increasing numbers of pupils reaching secondary age and such a high demand for selective school places.”

The PM today hands out the cash to expand 163 selective schools.

Faith schools

The government also said that they will remove the cap on faith-based free schools can only allocate 50% of place on grounds of religion. It has been widely criticised by religious leaders.

But late the Government has discarded this promise. And instead of this, they will provide funds for local councils to open voluntary-aided faith schools with 100% faith-based admission where there is the demand.

The funding will be taken from the bank of money created to create new free schools.

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