Londoners love Soho!

Soho has been voted London’s favourite neighbourhood by Time out London, but what is it that draws people to Soho, is it the lively atmosphere ? the food? or the crazy Clubs?IMG_0067

Soho is located right in the centre of London and is known for its culture and nightlife, There are a number of LGBTQ venues in Soho and during pride in London you can watch Soho’s streets come alive with colours and music.

G-A-Y bar one of London’s most known gay clubs is located in Soho along with Heaven and village.

There is no doubt that Soho is a neighbourhood that is much loved by the LGBTQ community in London as you see gay pride flags hanging from houses and shop windows throughout Soho.

Soho is also known for its raunchy shops and window displays which certainly catch the attention of passers by and help to distinguish Soho as a wild and open community.

There are also dozens of Clubs and restaurants all around Soho, so you can go for Food with friends then hit up the hottest clubs in London such as Libertine and Club 49 after.


Chinatown is part of Soho and pays homage to Asian culture, there are many restaurants serving authentic food from Asian countries such as Vietnam, Thailand and china. there are also many fun activities and events that take place in Chinatown for example their annual Chinese new year celebrations.


Soho also has a variety of theatres, cinemas and jazz clubs such as Ronnie Scott’s, a renowned jazz bar that has been in the same spot since 1959 and has added to the rich history of Soho which used to be home to Mozart and the Sex pistols.

Soho is known for its diverse community, you see people of all ages and backgrounds, whether they are there to shop, eat or party all night.

Soho is a neighbourhood that brings everyone together to celebrate diversity in the heart of London.



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