Brixton Acid Attack

Lambeth Police have said there has been an acid attack on a 20 year old woman as she travelled by bus on Brixton Road.

The incident took place at the corner of Electric Avenue by the Boots Store.

So far there has been no arrest for this vicious crime. Police are now looking for a male suspect.

The woman was targeted before being attacked.

  • Twitter link on the story from the Lambeth Police


acid attack 2
Police at the scene of the attack in Brixton

Bomb threats makes schools evacuate after receiving emails

Email containing bomb threats were sent to “multiples” of schools in Britain forcing some to evacuate from the building.

West London Primary school Fairholme Primary at Feltham informed parents earlier today due to the threats.

Selly Park Technology College for Girls in Birmingham were among schools that were evacuated after it received a threat earlier in the day.

Image result for selly park technology college evacuation bomb threat

The National Crime agency has  launched an investigation into the e-mails they also wrote a statement on their Twitter account.

Threats were made to schools like Middlesex, Uxbridge, London, Warwickshire and the West Midlands.

Selly Park Technology College for Girls’s Deputy Head Mr. Clinton wrote on their twitter account after the evacuation.

The number of schools that have received such threats are yet to be confirmed but teachers are told to remain calm if they receive any threats and inform the police.

The West Midland Police statement said; “We are aware of emails circulating to a number of schools in the West Midlands and nationally this morning (Tuesday May 8) making bomb threats – at this stage it is believed they are false and malicious.

Schools are meant to be the safest and most protected spaces to nurture its students where staff are adequately trained in emergency situations to safeguard students so such threats are being treated as a top priority and not disregarded .



Iran nuclear deal:Trump’s European allies nervously await his decision on whether US will pull out

European allies are on tenterhooks awaiting Donald Trump’s decision on whether he will pull out of the Iran nuclear deal, having spent a week lobbying him to stay The US president tweeted that he would announce the decision at 2pm Washington time on Tuesday.

He has long threatened to withdraw from the agreement, signed during Barack Obama’s presidency, and has called it the “worst ever deal negotiated” because it does not address Iran’s ballistic missile programme or its role in the wars in Syria And Yemen, nor permanently block Tehran from developing atomic weapon.

European leaders have warned that a US withdrawal would undo years of work that led to and sustained a landmark deal that has kept nuclear weapons out of Iran’s hands.

On Tuesday morning France’s defense minister said weakening the agreement would aggravate tensions in the Middle East.

Boris Johnson also visited Washington on Monday, conducting talks with Vice President Mike Pence and the new secretary of state Mike Pompeo.

A senior US official who is close to the decision-making process said France, Germany and the UK had shifted significantly to address Mr Trump’s concerns about ballistic missiles, the terms governing international inspectors’ visits to Iranian sites, and “sunset” clauses under which some terms of the deal expire.

In the past few weeks, Mr Trump has consulted either in person or by telephone with leaders of all three countries.

And Iran has said it will not renegotiate, threatening to retaliate if Mr Trump pulls the US out and re-imposes sanctions, but has not said how.

Diplomats and military experts said Tehran could seek to resume its nuclear arms programme or step up its military involvement in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Lebanon.

Green Party Co Leader Jonathan Bartley Elected to Lambeth Council

May 3rd 2018, local election saw the Green Party celebrate as they gained 5 seats, with a clean sweep of 3 seats in St Leonards, which included Jonathan Bartley and 1 seat in Gypsy Hill and 1 seat in Herne Hill. This now takes the pressure off the Conservative who kept 1 seat out of 3 in Clapham Common as the other 2 went to Labour.

Conservative Cllr Tim Briggs kept his seat in Clapham Common to be the only man standing for Conservative after the election results.

Conservative Cllr Tim Briggs
Cllr Tim Briggs celebrating his win for Clapham Common

Cllr Brigg – Clapham Common Conservative Party

Interview with Cllr Brigg below.

  • Live interview at the election counts with Cllr Tim Briggs.
  • Cllr Brigg answer a question as to whether he thinks that all the matters with the Windrush lost them the two seat.


The Green Party with 5 seats will now be the main opposition to the Labour Party’s 57 seats.  Cllr Bartley stated ”  It’s a privilege to be the only party leader in England elected to serve as a local Cllr”  “In the Green Party we believe in the power of local and leading by example”.


green party st leonard
Cllr Jonathan Bartley and two other winning Cllrs from St Leonard’s ward

New Gypsy Hill Green Cllr Peter Elliot defeated the sitting Labour Cllr Luke Murphy by 144 votes to take the seat. Labour Cllr Jennifer Braithwaite held onto her seat with 2,063 votes, while Labour Cllr Matthew Bennett remains with 2,054 votes. Link below of interview with Cllr Peter Elliot and Cllr Matthew Bennett.

Link to interview with Cllr Peter Elliot 

Link to interview with Cllr Matthew Bennett. 


peter elliot
Peter Elliot (middle) after winning a seat in Gypsy Hill

Cllr Peter Elliot, Green Party for Gypsy Hill

Cllr Becca Thacknay  won a seat for the Green Party in Herne Hill by defeating Labour Jack Holborn  by 251 seats.

Herne hill llrs
Cllr Becca  Thackray Green Party who was seated alongside the two Labour Cllrs Jim Dickson and Pauline George

Cllr Becca  Thackray Green Party who was seated alongside the two Labour Cllrs Jim Dickson and Pauline George

Overall the Green Party has 173 Cllrs around England, making them the third main party close on the heels of the Lib Dems.

This is the link below of the interview with the soon  outgoing Mayor of Lambeth, Labour Cllr Marcia Cameron on what she had to say at the election counts

  • audio interview of Marcia Cameron outgoing Mayor of Lambeth speaking about Lambeth and winning her seat at the election counts on May 4th 2018.
marcia cameron
Outgoing Mayor Of Lambeth Cllr Marcia Cameron who won her seat at the Local Election for Labour in Tulse Hill.

Arsene Wenger’s last home match at Arsenal

Arsenal played their final match at home with Manager,Arsene Wenger for the last time and ended with an emphatic 5–0 win over Sean Dyche’s Burnley last Sunday.

Wenger is the club’s most successful manager having won 17 trophies overall over the last 22 years.

The club has been looking for a new manager ever since the announcement of him leaving at the end of the season was confirmed.

Alexandre LacazetteArsenal scored their opening goal through Pierre Emerick Aubameyang in the 14th minute (who was one of Wenger’s last signings) and the second came from strike partner Lacazette just before half-time.

Arsenal turned on the style in the second half with further goals from Sead Kolasnac, Alex Iwobi and Aubameyang to complete a brace.

The club still have two more fixtures to complete for the season both away from home with Leicester City in midweek and Huddersfield Town (still battling relegation) on the last day of the season.

There are several candidates reported who are interested in taking the job next season such as Juventus manager Massimiliano Allegri and Leonardo Jardim who manages Monaco.

Quotes from the BBC Match Report

Bob Wilson – “The greatest manager we have ever had.”

Arsene Wenger – “It is 22 years of total commitment and togetherness. Overall I would like to thank everybody. I had the luxury of doing this job for 22 years at the same club and I am grateful for that.”

Sean Dyche “I think Arsenal raised their performance considerably. After the results yesterday we suddenly had nothing to play for and that affects players, they need something on the game.”


Cleaning up after the bank holiday

After having enjoyed the May bank holiday with sensational temperature in London (with an average that exceeded 23 degrees Celsius).

After the bank holiday, throughout the United Kingdom, there have been many affected public sites such as parks and beaches.

The population is not concerned about the environment and instead of depositing the waste used in the appropriate containers we can see that it has been scattered on the ground of parks such as Clapham Common.


It is necessary to make people aware of the problem, as we can see we are in a period of global warming and deforestation. To reduce this, each council should monitor these certain areas.

However, not only the council should work on this, but also members of the public. The population has launched a campaign called “Take your rubbish home!” To clean up the parks and beaches after the holiday bank.

However, attitudes also have to be changed to ensure that one week’s clean-up is not replaced by another week’s worth of rubbish.

Awareness of the advantages of keeping the environment clean needs to start at school and campaigns can be launched to encourage people not to leave their trash behind.

Why is it important to recycle and clean up?

An activist explained, “Most people visit our nature reserves and the countryside for a nice day out and to spot some wildlife; not only does litter spoil the look of our nature reserves and the wider countryside in general, it’s also dangerous for wildlife.”


Cleaning up litter in Brighton and Hove costs the city more than £5M a year. After the busiest weekend of the year ,so far, residents were disgusted to wake up to a beach strewn with litter. Exactly, to the council costs £5.2M a year, as they need 178 cleaning staff.

But the scale of the problem is huge, with almost a tonne of rubbish found on Sussex beaches in a single week.

The interviewed said: “People have been leaving cans, bottles, crisp packets and rubbish at the playing fields, which happens every time we have a bit of nice weather and a holiday. It seems to be particularly bad at the moment, and it is tragic to see the area looking like this in view of all the trouble we have gone to in order to improve it.”

Celebrity parents that publicly came out as part of LGBT

Gloria Carter mother of Rap “legend” Jay Z, real name Shawn Corey Carter, was given a special credit “gong” for the impact she made whilst making ‘Smile’ which was released last year as she took the award on behalf of her son.

At the GLAAD Media Awards she told the viewers that is was the first time she had spoke to someone about who she really was.

In a statement she said; “Smile became a reality because I shared with my son who I am.”

My son cried and said: “It must have been horrible to live that way for so long.'”

“My life wasn’t horrible,” she added.

“I chose to protect my family from ignorance. I was happy but I was not free.”

Jay Z addressed this saying he wept when his mum told him about her sexuality and that she was in-love with her female partner.

In his song he spoke about his mum’s struggle as she had live a life of pretended as a way to ensure her children were not ridiculed.

In an interview with David Letterman, American television host, he said; “For her to sit in front of me and tell me, ‘I think I love someone’. I mean, I really cried.”

The public reaction to Gloria Carter remained positive and encouraging.








Caitlyn Jenner, who was previously known as Bruce Jenner, is a retired Olympic gold medal-wining decathlete who formerly identified publicly as a male she had six children from previous relationships.

In April 2015, she announced her name change from Bruce to Caitlyn and her transition, which alongside her name and gender became official in September 25, 2015. She has been called the most well-known openly transgender woman in the world.

In an interview she said part of the reason she openly came out was to bring attention to gender dysphoria, violence against trans women, and other transgender issuesShe also wanted to endorse a more informed discussion of LGBT issues at a time when the LGBT community has unprecedented visibility.

The public’s reaction on her coming out was positive but recently there has been a lot of negative comments made about her.







There are other parents like Duncan James who sexuality changed after they had children.

Growing is a process that does not stop so as we do, we realise what we like and what makes us happy and if that applies to our sexuality there is no shame in that and being who you are meant to be.


Two boys injured from Shotgun Pellets in Wealdstone High street

Two boys and possibly three were injured in Harrow after a shotgun shooting

On Sunday May 6th at 13:15 the police were called to the Wealdstone High Street after reports of a person who had been shot.

A 15 year old  boy was found with head injuries caused by shotgun pellets, the London Ambulance service took the 15 year old to a central London hospital where his condition was deemed not life-threatening; he is currently still being kept in the hospital.

Detective Chief Superintendent Simon Rose of Harrow Borough Commander said: “It would appear that the first victim was approached by two male suspects, one in possession of a shotgun – and shots were fired injuring him and an entirely innocent member of the public.”imgID156748574_jpg_gallery

Around four minutes later the LAS informed the police that there were reports of a second injured boy at a different point on the high street.

The thirteen year old (who was originally believed to be 12) had a shotgun pellet wound to the head, he was then taken to a West London hospital and his injuries were also deemed not life-threatening and has since been discharged.

The thirteen year old is being treated as an innocent bystander and police believe that he was hit by pellets from the shooting minutes earlier.

The police also believe there could be a third victim who may have been at the scene with the 15 year old, this victim could have sustained an arm injury and wandered off before the first arrival of emergency services.

The police arrested a 39 year old man on the evening of May 6th in connection with the incident, he was subsequently released. Trident and Area Crime Command are continuing their investigation and the enquiries are on-going.

Detective Chief Superintendent Rose also said “I want to assure the communities of Harrow and the wider public we are doing everything we can to catch the suspects responsible. Violent crime has no place on our streets. Officers from Trident are investigating and we are supporting them locally.115772432_png_gallery

Anyone with information that may assist police is asked to call Trident officers via 101 quoting reference 3563/6May or tweet @MetCC or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Government grant of £10,000 to be given to every 25 year old person

Every 25 year old, born in UK, will be given a £10,000 Government Grand to help solve yawning economic gap between the generations.

The report from the Think Thank’s International Commission, backed by business lobby group the CBI and trade union group TUC, admonish that today’s thirty-somethings are the first generation to see their incomes dropping compared to when their parents were at that age.

It shows that there is a record amount of people renting and are unable to get to the housing ladder, with many trapped in zero hour jobs for that reason the radical action is necessary to make the balance.

According to a report by the IPPR Commission on Economy Justice, the kind of fund that can give everyone a stake in the economy and can also help young people invest in their future such as buying property, starting their own business or investing in their education.

It is to be funded by a revamped, tougher version of inheritance tax, and is one of a number of policies proposed by the Resolution Foundation at the end of a two year study into inter-generational inequality.

The fund will need to be big enough to pay £10,000 to all 25 years old from 2030.


The panel was chaired by David Willetts, the former Conservative Universities Minister, and included the TUC secretary general, Frances O’Grady, and the CBI Director General, Carolyn Fairbairn.

The report states: “The younger generation are bearing more risks and holding fewer assets than their predecessors.”

“We need to redress that imbalance if we are to maintain the promise of an asset-owning democracy.”



Labour and Tories left in stalemate after local election

Disappointing election results for Labour gives the Tories new found confidence but still no clear advantage

Everyone in London was expecting a “red wave” from Corbyn’s momentum campaign, whether Labour had become complacent after the gains in 2017 or their message just didn’t stick is not certain.

Though we can say that the Conservative party and the Labour party have once again entered a stalemate in the UK political scene.

They roughly share 35% each and the losses in the capital have been offset by gains elsewhere in the country as many predicted.

The Tories have retaken the ball so to speak, this was partly expected as they were predicted to have an increase nationally but decrease in London.

However the problem was that the Tory losses in London were predominantly from the Liberal Democrats who have recently begun to recover from the aftermath of Clegg’s leadership.toriesoutprotest

The Greens have made some local gains too though not particularly significant, mainly capitalising on local issues such as the Central hill regeneration

Labour despite consolidating its 2017 gains and taking more council seats from the Tories, have failed to take their target boroughs but did gain a majority in Tower Hamlets.

A few main factors contributed to Labour’s failure such as the anti-Semitism which was particularly prominent in Barnet which has the largest Jewish community in London.

However it is important to note that Labour is still on the rise in London and these Tory strongholds in the centre. Labour was 8 seats away from gaining a majority in the Wandsworth seat while in 2014 it would have taken 15.key_manifesto18

The irony is that, the party that was mostly ignored from the conversation in London has inflicted the most damage on the Tories in the city, gaining control over Kingston and Richmond while holding Sutton, which they were expected to lose because of the bin fiasco.

The Liberal Democrat gains are probably due to the Tory abandonment of Europe and Corbyn failing to appeal to more moderate and middle class areas.

In many ways the Lib Dem party is the greatest winner out of the whole local election.