Man arrested in Lough-borough Road after tossing a knife he was carrying

  whom are mostly known as Lambeth Task force apprehended a man in Lough-borough, he tossed away a knife he was carrying.

He was arrested without any incident and the weapon is now in Police custody, this comes after multiple stabbing in the capital as the public are beginning to fear for their own safety.

Knife crime has risen in just a few days causing the nation to find a more effective way to put an end to it.

The scale at which knife crime is rapidly increasing is difficult to comprehend, to solve the situation organisations like  and   are now recieving attention from both the media and the government on how to stop such increasing knife crimes.  The Mayor of London also showed his concern on how such violent crimes keeps occurring in London.

Please spread the message and support the  campaign, the public participation helps educate and show awareness.



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