MI5 to share sensitive information about up to 20,000 UK suspects

MI5 may share information of up to 20,000 UK suspects, after 5 terror attacks in the UK last year, as part of Home Secretary Sajid Javid’s new terror strategy. 

The information of 20,000 suspects, believed to pose the biggest threat to the UK, will be handed to teachers, social workers and council staff.

Following the London bridge attack in June last year in which eight died and 48 were injured. Britain’s terror level still remains severe, meaning that both police and secret services expect that there could be a terror attack at any point.


Home Secretary Sajid Javid  has created a new strategy called Contest, in response to the amount of terrorism in London, meaning there will be ‘no safe space’.

Following a review of the terror policy, convicted terrorists including Anjem Choudary are set to be released on to the streets, therefore there have been a few measures that will be put into action including:

  • MI5 sharing information about suspects on their radar more widely with neighbourhood police, teachers, Whitehall departments and local authorities to make it easier to disrupt threats.
  • Longer prison sentences being introduced for those convicted of terrorist offences, including a maximum 15 years for watching jihadist propaganda such as beheading videos.
  • More security in crowded places, such as sporting and concert venues, in a response to the attack at Manchester Arena.
  • Police and the security services will be handed new powers to nip terror plots in the bud by arresting and jailing suspects before they have finalised their murderous plans.
  • Measures to improve detection of the ‘inside threat’ of jihadists getting jobs at Britain’s airports.
  • Technology firms, such as Google and Facebook, to do more to tackle extremist content posted online.
  • Recruiting up to 2,000 new spies for MI5, MI6 and GCHQ to help keep far more potential terrorists under surveillance.

Once again Mr Javid said that the point of this is, “ensuring that there are no safe spaces for terrorists. No safe spaces internationally, in the UK or online.”







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