Being environmentalists could cost jobs

Starbucks, Costa, Caffè Nero and Pret recycle less than one glass out of every 400 used.

This fact contrasts with the corporate image of respect for the environment that these chains offer their customers. Several activists accuse these coffee shops of lying about the number of paper cups they recycle.

The Scottish government has banned single-use cups in its main buildings

In the United Kingdom about seven million cups of cardboard coffee are used every day, an amount that costs 2.5 million pounds.

For example, in all Costa coffee cups the recycling symbol appears, the three arrows in a continuous loop, although the vast majority of them do not come from reused cardboard, and they will never be recycled.

But Caerphilly-based manufacturer Paul Synott said bans were “unnecessary” and all UK-produced paper cups could be recycled with better infrastructure.

The PCA, which represents manufacturers, wants governments and councils to increase the number of bins to recycle paper cups and mechanisms to transport them to the processing facilities.

However, Mr Synoot said that because of this tax could cost jobs. Additionally, he thinks these are the best product in terms of food hygiene and convenience.

The companies have tried to counteract the scandal, although they have not given great explanations. Starbucks offers its customers a 25 pence discount if they bring their own glasses, although it is not clear how many of their customers use the offer.



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