Canada: A Rare Album by Prince Found

Singer Prince Black Album has been discovered in Canada.

One Prince rarest vinyl album which is supposed to be hard funk that contains some of his darkest lyrics and was released in 1987, which he demanded to be destroy as he had changed his spirituality has turned up in Canada.

There is still around 9 copies of the album in circulation, with 5 copies found already in the US and one copy selling for a whopping £31,500.

The album found in Canada is owned by a former employee for Warner Bros who held unto the album when it was pulped by the record company.

This led him to contact the former Warner Bros Executive Vice President Jeff Gold who now runs the memorabila store call Record Mecca and sold the previous Us The Black Album earlier in the year.

Jeff Gold said: “So I was like, How could you have a Canadian one? Such a thing doesn’t exist. Gold has now inspected the record for its authenticity and will help the owner to sell it online via marketplace Discogs.

Even though the record is not in top condition it is still likely to fetch around £20,600.

prince record

This album was something which Prince had planned to record for his percussionist Sheila E’s birthday party that was to follow on from Sign ‘O’ The Times.

Some of the songs on the album were more funky, compared to others which were very sinister such as tracks like Bob George which Prince himself playing a gun wielding psychopath that accuses his girlfriend of having an affair.

A week before the album was set for release, Prince had second thoughts and cancelled the album and asked for it to be destroyed. No video was made or any single and the bill was footed from Prince royalties to destroy over a half-a-million copies.

The album was supposed to be released without name and cover should have been in a plain black sleeve.

In the video link below of Prince video for his single Alphabet Street, a message comes across the screen telling fans “Dont buy The Black Album. I’m sorry, but somehow copies got out and became the most source after bootlegged records.





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