Clapham Common Family Cycling Extravaganza on Saturday

A family cycling events will be taking place at Clapham Common on Saturday the 9 of June.

Lovers of bike are invited to join the event, it is meant to start at noon from 12pm- 5pm.

Bring a bicycle to the extravaganza and get a stamp whilst you enjoy amazing fun activities.

You can get a chance to win a BMX day out or a £250 worth of bike shop voucher by just filing your card and then posting into the box.


To keep you excited there a lot of enjoyable activities lined up to keep you in a jovial mood, there will be static team racing, spin art, smoothie bike,cycle skill area and BBQ food.

Do you own an old bike or want to own a bike for an affordable price?

Extravaganza family cycling is the place for you then, you can bring your old bike to the festival and get help selling it through the Lambeth Bike Market who will be at the festival you can also get the chance to purchase a quality assured second – hand bike through them at an affordable price.

If you are debating on how to spend your Saturday afternoon then the bicycle festival is an ideal place for you.

Come and Pedal with fun.


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