Heathrow plans for third runway set to be approved by ministers

After years of arguments and delays the plans for a third runway at Heathrow Airport are set to be approved by ministers. 

This will be confirmed by Transport Secretary Chris Grayling, the Government is committed to the expansion and will present their proposals to the House of Commons for MPs to vote on later this month.

Mr Grayling will also present the fact that the other options such as expanding Gatwick or building a new airport entirely in Thames Estuary, will not be able to meet the demand for extra flights.

Supporters of the expansion say that it will safeguard domestic flights between Heathrow and regional airports such as Newcastle. As at the moment, the lack of capacity at the airport means airlines are having to choose between keeping domestic flights or introducing new international services.

However, campaigners are arguing that a new runway will breech the UK’s legal air pollution limits and increase noise pollution with an extra 700 planes a day, the decision failed to be seen as unlawful last year.


Slough Borough Council, though supporting the expansion, have criticised the plans as they mean that a school, a local trading estate and places like Wraysubry River will be demolished, alongside homes in Sipson, Longford and Harmondsworth.




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