Apple presents its new models

Apple presented its new three models of new generation of iPhone this 12th September at Steve Jobs Theater, located at the heart of Apple Park.

Apple will have three new models: iPhone, Xs, Xs max and Xr. The three follow the aesthetics of the well-known iPhone X, which as assured by Tim Cook, has become the # 1 smartphone in the world.

At first glance the three devices seem to be the same as the iPhone X, but in internal specifications and in screen size is where the changes come, so let’s analyse each of the models.

Firstly, iPhone Xr, which will be the most economically accessible, will have a 6.1″ LCD screen. Also, only have a simple back cam of 12 MP. The device will have an IP67 certification against water and dust and will have a battery up to an hour and a half longer than the iPhone 8, the price will range from £ 749 which is the most affordable compared to the other two.

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Finally, Apple introduced the new iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs max, both will have an OLED Super Retina Display of 5.8 and 6.5 inches. In addition, they ensure that the device will be more reliable thanks to an improvement in the processor which will make it more efficient and twice as fast. Both will maintain a dual 12 MP camera, claiming that they will have a sensor twice as fast as the iPhone X. Moreover, both of them will have an IP68 certification against water. Prices will range from £999 in the case of the Xs and from £1099 in the case of the Xs Max.

Image result for iphone xs, xs max

With these new models, iPhone leaves behind its classic style that characterised it with the home button and now tries to experience a change of time, leaving their models occupying the maximum possible screen and leaving behind the unlock by footprint increasing much more the FACE ID. However, the big question is, is it worth it to pay so much money for a mobile phone?

iPhone every year takes out new devices and each year more expensive, obviously they have the prestige and the fans. They can increase their prices and they will continue to have thousands of people waiting for the departure date to wait at the door and get their new iPhone as soon as possible. It is already a decision of each person if he wants and can pay what an iPhone is worth or if he prefers to choose another model, but as another year more iPhone will do with the market as we are used to.


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