Productive negotiation has positively ended Prison Officers Strike

Prison Officers in England and Wales engaged in strikes that took place around 7 am today.  5000 officers were believed to have been a part of the strike.

Following a successful mediation with Minister Rowery Stewart and obligation to instruct the Employer to come into an agreement with the Prison Officers Association |(POA) to address their plight. The Union has instructed their members to return to their duty.

They have for now returned to work as they await for the promises to be fulfilled.

“The unprecedented levels of violence, and failure of this government and employer to provide safe prisons has been headline news for some considerable time,” a POA spokesman said.

An indication to how Officers felt unsafe in their working environment and the delays in coming to a solution to resolve it.

The Prison Officers Association General Secretary initiated the protest to be carried on earlier today unless told otherwise.

The general public have mixed feeling concerning the strike some felt its unsafe for them to strike whilst some felt it was necessary for them to voice out their frustration.

The strike coming to an end is great news and we hope the government ensures such occurrence does not repeat itself by providing them with what is necessary for the Officers to continue their work.

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