Sadiq Khan to be Labour’s candidate for 2020 Mayor

Sadiq Khan will probably become Labour’s 2020 election candidate for London thanks to the backing from the powerful Trade Union GMB that was given by them today on twitter.

The Constituency Labour Parties in London amongst other affiliated organisations and unions have been voting on whether Khan should be automatically reselected or to hold an open selection process. The backing from the GMB should get him passed the 50% threshold though a deadline will be reached on September 30th.

The Mayor had previously backed GMB during March in their ‘making it’ campaign to support investment in the manufacturing sector which according to a GMB analysis employs 110,000 workers in the capital and boosts the economy by £8.5 billion a year.

Warren Kenny, GMB’s regional secretary told the Huffington post “Two years ago Londoners elected Sadiq Khan as London mayor by a thumping margin in the face of a nasty and divisive campaign from the Tories.”

“Since he came to office our mayor has consistently championed people living and working in London. We are proud to be giving GMB’s firm backing to Sadiq Khan to carry on the job of making London a fairer and more equal city.”

Sadiq Khan came into office in 2016 with a strong majority 44.2% and since the recent local elections London has become almost entirely Labour controlled save for a few boroughs like Barnet.



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