“I have treated the EU with nothing but respect. UK expect the same”

Prime Minister Theresa May gave an update on the Brexit negotiations today around 2 pm at Downing Street, 21 September 2018.

Mrs May was speaking on Brexit deal and used a surprise statement that UK will continue prepossession for “no-deal”.

In delivering her message to the EU Theresa May said: ” I have treated the EU with nothing but respect the UK expects the same”.

Mrs May goes on to say: “The parliament has already unanimously – rejected the idea of a basic free trade agreement for Great Britain. Because Northern Ireland would effectively remain in the Customs Union and parts of the Single Market, permanently separated economically from the rest of the UK by a border down the Irish Sea.”

It is something I will never agree to –  indeed.


Scotland first minister Nicola Sturgeon commented on Prime Minister statement: “Clearly, the the Prime Minister has not been listening – Chequers is a dead duck but if her tactic now is to try and double down on those proposals and then seek to blame the EU for a no-deal outcome, then she will do huge damage to all of those she is suppose to serve.




First minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon 

And also from the Director of The Centre of European Reform, Charles Grant has said: “The EU will see her demands on goods, such as mutual recognition in some areas, and on services like finance and media, as cherry picking.

Director of The Centre of European Reform, Charles Grant

Brexit deal has been circulating for almost two years and no deal has been made. Now instead of taking the deal, Theresa May wants to negotiate a new one.

Also Theresa May mentioned that even if event of no-deal, three million EU citizens right will be protected and she offers them to stay in UK by a quoting : ” You are our friends, our neighbours, our colleagues. We want you to stay.

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