Sky and Netflix to blow our screens with new merge plans

Netflix and Sky have made head-waves with their upcoming plans to partner which will see a new package coming to our screens, they say it will be the “biggest demand TV service”.

The plans for the new package which will be known as “Ultimate on Demand” pack was first announced earlier this year. For an extra £10 subscribers of Sky Q premium TV box will be able to fully enjoy access to all Netflix programs which is more than a million 1000 shows.

With such package it means Sky Q customers will be able to sit back and enjoy Netflix shows without having to pay for it separately which means they can sit back and enjoy the endless TV shows as it grace their screens.

The upcoming joint package means shows that were only available on Sky and Netflix will be streaming on Sky Q, its audience will get to watch shows like Stranger things and Luke cage for the first time ever.


Movie fanatics will now have no reason to leave their screens since they will be glued to their screens.

The Chief executive of Sky’s UK and Ireland operation, Stephen van Rooyen, said: “We want Sky Q to be the number one destination for TV fans.

“Partnering with Netflix means we will have all the best TV in one great value pack, making it even easier for you to watch all of your favourite shows.

Chris Whiteley, Netflix director of business development for the UK and Ireland, added: “Innovation is at the core of Netflix.

“We are delighted to partner with Sky to offer fans a new and exciting way to access the best of entertainment from around the world.”


Excitement is filled in the air as Sky Q customers await the new package deal.


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